Thursday, June 12, 2008

Listening Post

Before she became nothing more than a silly self-parody, Courtney Love looked like she just might be the last real rock star.

Here's the furious, scathing brilliance of Violet.


Anonymous said...

I really miss Hole.

- Kara

Anonymous said...

One of the best songs Kurt ever wrote.

Mark Hughes said...

Even now, Courtney is the goddess of rock and roll. Rock and roll is about sex, drugs, irresponsibility, and self-destruction. Who else could more perfectly embody these things?

jackparsons said...

She lived too long to be the goddess of rock and roll -- she's just Grace Slick that hasn't learned to stay out of the limelight yet.

I almost never read music journalism, so I was shocked to find that it was more than my pet theory that she's either a better actress in the studio than she is on film or a completely empty vessel. You can actually HEAR Kurt Cobain singing and playing this -- the sloppy little guitar lick at the end of the chorus to say nothing of the vocal style is so characteristic of Cobain, it's frightening. And those sounds and that delivery never appeared in any of her recorded music (that I've heard, at least) again.