Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Listening Post: Evolution Edition

A couple of new songs from bands that have been around for a while.

Up first -- as much as I give credit to Linkin Park for moving forward from their original nu-metal roots, their last album, Minutes to Midnight, was rather average all the way around.

That said, I like their latest video because it pays homage to an underappreciated movie from last year: Danny Boyle's Sunshine.

Here's Leave Out All the Rest.

Next, another spectacular video from Weezer (it's practically a given by now).

This one trades on the familiarity of all sorts of funny -- and/or thoroughly annoying -- internet memes.

It's Pork and Beans.


Mr. Controversy said...

The Weezer video is funny as hell, and while I'm not a huge Linkin Park fan that video is quite awesome. Sunshine WAS quite underrated, but I think Danny Boyle is used to it by now. (On the opposite side of the spectrum that is his career, I'd also suggest Millions. It's a rare kids film that doesn't resort to stupidity to convey a moving message.)

dick_gozinia said...

You should check out the acoustic version of this with Tay Zonday on vocals. I guess that fits with the video's theme as well. Good times.