Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Just Keep Asking Yourself: What Would Jesus NOT Do?"

Chuck Palahniuk's Choke has been made into a movie. This is good news. What's even better news is that Sam Rockwell is the star of the film, playing misanthropic, sexual support group-addicted con man Victor Mancini.

Here's your first look.


Robo said...

yes this is very good news. Choke is my favorite of his books. I couldn't put it down for even a second.

Have you gotten into Snuff yet? I've heard some mixed reviews, but I'll still get it at some point.

At the risk of being/sounding like an idiot...Am i retarded because I think that I like Fight Club the movie more than the book?

Could they have done a better job with that movie? Pitt, Norton Jr, Carter...? I say nah. don't get me wrong I love the book too but for me the movie is a just a notch better.

Anonymous said...

I love that book! I just reread it recently, too. Sam Rockwell seems like a good casting choice. I think that trailer might not do the film justice. I think it might be better than they are making it seem because it's kind of difficult to express that story in little clips. Also, fuck yes for Anjelica Houston as his mom!

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty cool. I have to admit that the only book of Chuck Palahniuk's that I've read is Lullyby and I didn't get into that much. But I am a big fan of the movie Fight Club and have meant for some time to read the book. In fact, for Halloween I'm planning on being "Cornelius." I'll wear the dorky Gapy uniform with khaki's and shirt and a nametage but use some make up to fuck up my face, like I just got my assed kicked, or I could actually go out and get my ass kicked, but probalby not.

Anyway, I figure when people as me who I'm supposed to be I'll say that I'm a member of a club and the first rule is I'm not supposed to talk about it.

Man, it's going to be sweet.

Anonymous said...

God, I hope the movie is as good as Fight Club. One of the few movies that I can't wait to see this year.