Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goodbye Larry

Well, here's a shock.

Ferret-like Philadelphia news anchor Larry Mendte, one half of the long-running comedy team of Mendte and Lane, was canned Monday from his main anchor job at KYW, CBS 3. The move comes as the other half of the team -- cop-punching, bikini-pic mailing, foul-mouthed, hot-but-stupid ex-anchor Alycia Lane -- files a lawsuit against KYW and its CBS overlords, charging them with invading her privacy and trashing her, uh, good name. Mendte garners a hefty portion of Lane's substantial wrath; she claims he went through her private e-mails and leaked what he found to gossip columnists -- an accusation which brought the feds down hard on Mendte, as rifling through someone else's computer is a federal offense. Reportedly, keystroke-logging software was discovered on one of the CBS 3 computers, though whether the hard drive in question was Lane's or the software was put there by Mendte is unknown.

Mendte's sacking means that CBS 3 has fired its entire main anchor team over a period of six months.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the people bringing you your local news.

(The Philadelphia Inquirer: CBS 3 Fires Mendte/8.24.08)

( Alycia Tells Her Side/6.20.08)


Girl With Curious Hair said...

Are you saying there is no one left to read the news at the Philly CBS station? How will they survive?

Stephen said...

Does the weather man on channel 6 still stand in front of that magnetic board where he puts the smiley faced suns up?

They can't compete with that.

Julie said...

I am so proud of my city right now. Godspeed, Lar.

b80vin said...

If network and cable news are a crap sandwich, local news is the runny semi-congealed drippings from that sandwich. It's been years since I subjected myself to viewing the local Washington D.C. news, but last week, my lovely wife, for some reason insisted we watch it. It was the intellectual equivalent of "two girls one cup". Shit vomited up with such half-assery that it was surreal. The Philly story depicts a collection of half-wits with self deluded egos not even Ron Burgundy can parody successfully, just as I had always imagined. God, or some reasonable equivalent, save the Republic.

firedmyass said...

Is that Mendte's official headshot? Dude got serious small-face.

Ally said...

That Alycia Lane is one hot mess. I'm shocked she hasn't burned down ol' Larry's house yet, or sugared his gas tank in the jag. You *know* she's the kind that would.

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry about the creepy looking guy in the pic, he'll have a stupendous career in used car sales or pedophile.

Gay face, definitely, gay face.

Gina said...

Ah, Philadelphia! My home town! I can't even watch the local news any more. Everyone gives me seizures, they are that horrible.

Can they at least get rid of Hurricane Schwartz and Cecily Tynan?