Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't Cry for Me, America

Bob Cesca makes my life so much easier. Every time I feel the urge to talk politics, he manages to put something together for the Huffington Post that not only says exactly what I'm thinking, but manages to say it better than I could have myself. So, once again, I tip my hat to Cesca and point everyone I can in the direction of his appropriately smart and vicious piece responding to our illustrious Idiot-in-Chief's public lament earlier this week that he'll be remembered as a "war-mongering" president.

"War mongering is a significant aspect of your legacy, but I think we can conclude, and without much debate, that your legacy will also be one of criminality, failure and a degree of incompetence rarely achieved by any American president, much less one whose deficit of character is rivaled only by his nearly unprecedented lack of humility in the face of his unprecedented roster of inadequacies.


As it turns out, you won't have much control over your legacy and the history of your administration anyway. You might have some cursory input, but no-one really takes you seriously anymore and anything you put forth will be taken as just another work of fiction; another bit of propaganda.

Your legacy will ultimately be written by those of us who have been actively documenting your presidency in real time -- millions of voices authoring the narrative of your awful regime and preserving it with digital clarity one trespass at a time.

And everywhere we look, we can plainly observe your smirking, affectless footprint."

(The Huffington Post: "Sorry Mr. President, But Your Legacy Is More Awful Than You Think" by Bob Cesca)

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Anonymous said...

You mean like Nixon and Reagan? Everything said about Bush II was said about them at the time.