Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blame It On Baby

As I mentioned, I'm out of town right now. For the record, Jayne and I are in Pennsylvania with her family, and are now trying to figure out where the hell we're going to put all the baby clothes and gifts we raked in during Jayne's shower yesterday.

Among the attendants: The lovely Stacey of Pajiba/Litely Salted/WIMB fame, and the coolest lady around, Ms. Mix & Bitch.

Thanks to them and everyone else who showed. And of course, thanks for all the wonderful baby swag.

Once again, haven't had time to write, but that CNN column should be up tomorrow morning for your enjoyment. Think of it as a great (or at least somewhat average) way to start your work week.


Ms. Mix & Bitch said...

Awww...I finally got some props ;-)

You, my friend, are beyond cool...and I adore Jayne and her family. Thanks for including us in such an intimate family celebration.

I've got a great baby name for the next one already: Chez + Jayne = Cheyne (can pronounce like "chain" or "Cheney")...that could make you stop procreating altogether.

Anyway, enjoy the spoils...

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you to get a PO box so I could send a gift, but I know, just buy the book again, right?

Ally said...

What fun! The baby shower was one of the more painful events for my hubs when we were having our kids...he had to do the stupid baby bottle drinking contest, sampling baby food game, etc., but he handled it extremely well.Hope yours wasn't quite as dorky...but then again, there's something great about it in spirit. You can't help but be a good sport about the whole thing.

Congrats again on the upcoming arrival - and thanks for the link to Ms. Mix --- very cool.

litelysalted said...

I had no idea "baby showers" and "fun" weren't mutually exclusive before this weekend. Great seeing you guys and good luck with the birthin'!