Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tiny Little Chipmunk Balls

What I'm about to say will sound terribly hypocritical coming from someone who continued to take a paycheck from CNN long after coming to the realization that television news as a whole was a largely unsalvageable proposition. Maybe the only mitigating factor can be that it didn't take getting fired to put me in a position where I felt comfortable enough to complain about the condition of the business; I was doing that for quite some time before losing my job.

The same can't be said about Scott McClellan.

Prepare yourself, because the chorus of "ooohs," "aaahs" and "told you sos" has already begun in response to the supposedly relvelatory bombshells that McClellan is dropping on the White House in his new, obligatory tell-all book, What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. Admittedly, the former White House mouthpiece -- for those lucky enough to have suppressed the memories of McClellan's tenure and are having trouble recalling him, think of a perpetually befuddled chipmunk lying its ass off -- does have some interesting inside information regarding his time in George Bush's inner sanctum, as one might expect. But to claim, even for a moment, that the dirt McClellan is dishing now that he's comfortably outside the Pennsylvania Avenue blast zone is shocking or of monumental significance would be horseshit of the highest order. Disclosing that Bush is out of touch and stubborn, or that he relied on propaganda to sell the war in Iraq to the American people -- or even that the White House press corps spinelessly ignored its responsibility to investigate the facts during the run-up to the war -- is truly the defininition of old news, even if Scott McClellan is the one disclosing it. You can add to that the fact that McClellan did, actually, wait until now to make his reservations known -- long after they might've done some good -- and that we are talking about the same guy who essentially lied for a living (albeit very badly) for three years. I'm not saying he can't be trusted these days, but it's more than a little amusing that some on the left now seem ready to give him a pass -- this seemingly dimwitted rube who functioned as their public whipping boy for so long -- if not go so far as to lionize him, all because they consider his information so fundamentally damaging to the Bush Administration.

The fact is, it isn't -- not one bit.

It's damn easy -- if not downright fashionable -- for Scott McClellan to bash his former boss when the latter has already been leveled by his own bald-faced incompetence and now flounders under the weight of a pathetic approval rating. McClellan should've said something a couple of years ago, when it would've mattered.

These days, the only proper response to Scott McClellan's book is to say, "So what?"


Girl With Curious Hair said...

You know, I read "inside information regarding his time in George Bush's inner sanctum" as something COMPLETELY different--which might have actually excused his silence and incompetence.

Now that I re-read it correctly, I just have to say I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

so right!!! But at least it was said by SOMEBODY

Riles said...

Also funny are the right-wing's predictable responses: He's disgruntled, etc. Yeah, no shit he's disgruntled.

You're right, it would have mattered much more had McClellan put this stuff out there years ago. It is a little refreshing though to have someone from the "inner sanctum" reveal some things that are finally close to the truth, rather than their bizarro-world reasonings.

For example, did you see that Doug Feith guy on the Daily Show? Infuriating. And that's what Scotty could have done too -- just defend the Bushies until his last breath.

ian in hamburg said...

Tiny? He looks like he's saying they're THIS big!

Chez said...

Which would make sense, since he'd be lying.

VOTAR said...

Yes but at least this time this cannot be dismissed by the myopic and misguided right wing apologists (I'm lookin at you, 'robbie') as just more bush-hating leftist propaganda. Little by little maybe the remaining 26% who are still willing to give this criminal regime a pass for their crimes will come to their senses as more bits and bites of the truth become irrefutably evident in this way.

I have no problem with McClellen "coming out" like this, at this time. It's not as though raising any objections to what he was witnessing and/or involved in over the last few years would have resulted in any epiphanies by the other co-conspirators. They'd have just done what they are doing now anyway: discredit him. Or deport him to Antarctica or something.

C.L.J. said...

These days, the only proper response to Scott McClellan's book is to say, "So what?"

Actually, it should be:
"We know."

Erica Dee said...

I've been waiting for this all day long.

Thank You.

Alex said...

It interestingly took Scott 8 years to tell some of us what we already knew. Sadly, Scott hasn't grown any balls, or a conscience. He was just complicit in lying to the public and sending us into a false war. So now he's helped cause the deaths of so many and is looking to capitalize on it. I hope no one buys this fucking book.

Anonymous said...

You are too focused on the man - yes, he deserves righteous condemnation, but consider the historical value books like his provide. It seems we'll never get the story of what went on throughout the course of this administration from congressional investigations, so the accounts of insiders like McClellan are the only real way in which we'll ever be able to fully understand how we got to where we are today. Yes, he's a coward, but his book is still valuable, going forward.

Ian Randall Wilson said...

All I can do is sigh. Scottie's job in the White House was to go out and lie to the media which he did predictably but also visibly. Now his job is to sell books which he does by revealing how he lied in his former job. No outrage is required. Our reaction should be to shun him and the book. When he comes on television, change the channel. Don't buy the book. But by all means encourage Pat Fitzgerald to reopen the Plame case because Scottie has now firmly implicated Bush and Cheney.