Friday, May 23, 2008

See You Next Tuesday

My parents are in town for the weekend, so Jayne and I are vamoosing down to her parents' house in Pennsylvania for a big-ass family reunion type thing.

I've got my computer with me and may post something on Sunday, but if not, I'll return full-bore (literally) after Memorial Day.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, kids.

(Don't ask about the picture. I Google Image searched "Bar-B-Q" -- figuring it would be fitting -- and look what I got.)


Deacon Blue said...

Do you always try to flee the state when your parents come around? Or was that just unfortunate phrasing on your part?

(Hey,, you're coming to town...uh, gotta vamoose...I mean, have some other plans)

Anyway, hope the food is good...if Jayne's family likes good food like y'all seem to (based on the Love Bites blog), you should come back with several extra pounds on ya.

Chez said...

I meant that we're all going down to PA together. I'm just too tired to be coherent right now.

Deacon Blue said...

Just f-ing with you anyway, Chez....figured if you hated your parents, I would have noticed by now in your posts. Now go get some sleep. I envy you the family gathering (nothing going on here this weekend really) and will try to channel myself through you to enjoy YOUR festivities.