Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Read All About It

I have almost no idea who Prisco is aside from the basics: He's a blogger who writes over at The Gospel According to Prisco as well as a contributor to Blog Me a Tale.

Regardless, he's posted a kind and honest review of my memoir that I'm more than happy to link -- given that the success of releasing the book online has always relied on word of mouth.

Feel free to take a look, and if you haven't bought Dead Star Twilight yet, for God's sake what are you waiting for? I have a baby on the way, dammit.

(The Gospel According to Prisco: Dead Star Twilight Review)


Robo said...

"I have no reason to doubt that she really was an all-consuming thundercunt..."

Absolutely. Fucking. Hysterical.

Nik said...


Do I have to start whoring you out again?

litelysalted said...

Pssst. Prisco is one of ours. If you've been missing out on his awesomely hilarious reviews -- I suggest you get yourself caught up pronto.

Mr. Controversy said...

Many apologies to your unborn child, and my inaction on buying your book. It's on my shopping list, next to Devil May Care.

Anonymous said...

This guy has your number! Endearing is the word. How many times while reading this blog have I said to myself, "Chez, you arrogant cocksucker, I love you!"? Most days.