Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Queer Hi

So, I just got off the phone with Carson Kressley.

Don't ask.

Guess now I really confirm the worst preconceptions of all those fuckers who complained about the Bush column.


VOTAR said...

Dude do yourself a favor and go take a shower. Even through the telephone lines, that amount of radioactive GAY is gonna be difficult to scrub off.

Manny said...

Dude, WTF?! You can't throw something like this out there and not elaborate on it.

And I have to agree with Votar, Carson really should go take a shower.

kanye said...

So who gets to be Felix and who gets to be Oscar?

I'm with Manny...can't leave us hanging with that kind of setup.

Liz said...

That is so precious Chez. You are right though, it really does confirm the notion that anyone who hates Bush is secretly a closet communist, al-Qaeda operative, bestiality practioner and a flaming homosexual all rolled up into one.

Jayne said...

you're welcome, sweetie. just wait 'til you see the photo... :)

slouchmonkey said...

CK called and wants his bell-bottomed Fred Segal jeans back?

CK called and wondered why your daughters name is not Carson?

CK called and offered you a job on Queer Eye Season 16?

Votar? Manny? Help out.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little gay humor, eh?

Carson is *always* in Australia for some reason. I'm a gay man (FYI, never watched Queer Eye or Sex in the City, thank you very much) and I hate this guy's queer minstrel show.

He's the kind of queer they throw on TV, effeminate, queeny. You know, the safe kind of stereotype for Americans like Mammy was for Blacks in the 30's-50's. Kind of like throwing images on drag queens and guys in leather for a story on same-sex marriage.

The Lil'est Naturist said...

I am also a gay man with many gay friends, in a big gay city called San Francisco, and not one of my faggoty friends (it's ok for me to say that) is like the gays we see on television. I couldn't dress myself in something that matched if I tried.

Point is, like anonymous, I am tired of the ways gay people are portrayed. Just because we like cock doesn't mean we all have lisps and get wicked shoe cravings and carry purses. Fine if you do, but I think television is pretty damaging to the image of actual gay people.

Chez said...

From a past column I posted:

"Is there a reason that intelligent, free-thinking gay Americans haven't rioted like fucking Stonewall over the gruesome, caricaturish portrayal of gays on shows like America's Next Top Model?

Or Blow Out?

Or Flipping Out?

Or Project Runway?

Or any fucking show on Bravo?

Reality TV has become the modern-day minstrel show of gay culture.

Homosexuals on these shows are cast almost exclusively as swishing, superficial drama-queens -- and are no doubt told to play up their "gayness" the same way that blacks were once coerced into doing jive-talk buffoonery if they wanted any kind of career in film or television. Neither portrayal constituted or constitutes progress; it's just the same-old same-old -- the perpetuation of a ridiculous stereotype, and one that confirms the worst fears, suspicions and prejudices of that segment of the population I mentioned a minute ago -- the folks with the baseball bats.

If you're gay and want to be on reality TV -- you'd better be willing to make Paul Lynde look like fucking Lee Marvin."

The Lil'est Naturist said...

I don't know who Paul Lynde or Lee Marvin are, but point well taken. But if I may, I'd like to provide my answer your proposed question:

Homosexuals are not a united group, not as of yet, at least. Even on the liberal Berkeley campus where I was an undergrad, there was no sense of unity. There is still divisive sniping between gay men and women. There are still plenty of closeted gay men (TRUST ME, this is still a huge problem) in areas like Berkeley. Gay culture is still (mostly) segregated to particular neighborhoods (ie, the Castro in San Francisco) and it is still a "big deal" when someone comes out.

Point is, homosexuals are not organized and often not easily identified. The closet cases are happy to stay right where they are, and there are insidious forces keeping everyone else from making the noise they should.

Obviously, there is more at work here, but that is my $0.02.

But I'm just a biochemist, not a queer studies major or whatever. More insight is surely needed ("Don't call me Shirley"!!)

Anonymous said...

>I don't know who Paul Lynde or Lee Marvin

Oi, I feel old now. Paul Lynde=Uncle Arthur on "Bewitched"? Old Hollywood Squares center square. Lee Marvin, buzz cut macho gravel voiced actor (Big Red One?).

We make our differences on the personal level. The progress is never enough but it's far faster than other groups experienced. That's because we can and do pop up in every family everywhere. Racists can segregate themselves from whatever color skin gives them the vapors. But we little bundles of gay joy will pop into every family no matter what.

Molecular geneticist here naturist. :)