Friday, May 16, 2008

A Modest Proposal

I'll make this quick and dirty.

Can we finally beat the living shit out of George Bush?

I realize that the mere suggestion of physical aggression toward a sitting president -- regardless of its basis in satire -- is often likely to warrant some kind of response from the Secret Service. But honestly, haven't we reached the point where we can come together as a country and just admit that this particular president really needs a serious ass-kicking? Over the past eight years, he's lied to push us into a war that's killed thousands of Americans and destroyed our reputation around the world, trampled our civil liberties, drowned the city of New Orleans, decimated the economy, halted scientific progress in the name of idiotic superstition, murdered the English language and through bald-faced incompetence, fucked us in every way possible while turning the same smug smirk our way over and over again as he does it -- and now he says he's given up golf in a show of solidarity with our war-ravaged troops and is comparing Barack Obama, a guy who was smarter in Pre-K than Bush is today, to those who tried to appease the Nazis in the lead-up to World War II (this last obscene indignity commited on foreign soil, essentially a violation of a gentleman's agreement aimed at preventing petty infighting in front of the neighbors).

By this point, every possible argument against the policies of George W. Bush has been made; rational Americans have attempted any and all tactics to force this White House to acknowledge the harsh reality of its idiocy, irresponsibility and illegality. Basically, we've tried everything -- and nothing's worked; the will of the people just deflects harmlessly off the force field generated by Bush's gargantuan ego as filtered through his miniscule intellect.

So really, if somebody has a better idea I'm all ears -- but I'm pretty sure we've run out of options. I just don't see Bush understanding anything other than a shitload of us stomping his arrogant ass into the ground. Guys like him, Cheney, Rove -- hell, even Condi (who's more masculine than all the aforementioned men put together) -- sleep like babies every night, safe in the knowledge that their mastery of the art of misdirection and obfuscation has left them untouchable to anyone constrained by the rules of civilized society. The only thing left then is to say fuck it, stop playing by the rules and get all uncivilized.

George Bush has never been much more than a tough-guy wanna-be -- an alcoholic pussy who runs crying to Daddy or Jesus when things get hard and/or when he fucks everything up; no matter the weight of his current title, he's still basically the same silver spoon-fed frat boy douchebag he's been since day one.

And you know the best way to deal with guys like that, right?

So come on America. Words will never hurt him (particularly not the ones in the Constitution) -- but sticks and stones should still do the trick nicely.

(For Entertainment Purposes Only ☺)


Girl With Curious Hair said...

CHEZ! I am horrified! I refuse to hear such lowbrow arguments. In solidarity with the president, I will now take up golf so I can give it up. I will also go to another country and stick my tongue out in your general direction.

Good DAY, sir!

Anonymous said...

Chez, feeling a little grumpy today?

Prophet of Ra said...

c'mon he cant be that bad.. everything he does is in the name of freedom

Anonymous said...

You are dead on. My cap is off to you sir.


quantumLCD said...

Ohhhh're gonna be in troubllllleeeee!

Oh, btw, I agree with you on every point!

I'm sure the Secret Service has already tagged my IP address and are on the way!

Anonymous said...

That is wack - but I like it.

Alex said...

Well, there is another avenue here:

( Of course, on the other hand: )

So, perhaps we can forgo the physical violence until after we find out if the next President will go after him in the ways that our worthless Congress hasn't?

Mike m said...

drowned New Orleans? being an alcoholic is bad? I don't like Bush, but you sound like your having a liberal hissy fit.
stick to your overly long posts, terrible listening posts and that predictable computer at work trick that you keep posting. I beleive this site's run its course anyway.

Chez said...

And yet I notice you're still reading.

Look man, although I love nothing more than laughing at you and your inability to use spell-check -- feel free to go away and leave the commenting to the big kids.

: )

Stephen said...

Finally a pragmatic approach to ouster this president: beat the living snot out of him.

The troops should give up shooting in solidarity with his giving up golf.

logan said...

I'm sorry Chez, but I have to stop reading you now that a legend like Mike M has said your blog is over.

I mean, come on, it's Mike M. Can you blame me? If it had been anybody else dude I probably could've let it slide. But MIKE M... HE'S HUGE.

Melissa B. said...

A former pundit with whom we're close covered Bush 41 back in Texas and in DC when he was Veep & Prez. He got to know 43 pretty well, since he was The Annointed One and all, who ran his Daddy's campaigns. "I knew Dubya when he was drinkin'," the pundit recently said, "& he was a HELL of a lot smarter--AND more fun--when he was drinkin." Perhaps somebody should stomp the begeezus out of the American public for electing this brainless, immoral moron? Well, not in 2000, but in 2004, at least!

Vermillion said...

What I find hilarious is that Mike M feels "being an alcoholic is bad" is indicative of a "liberal hissy fit".

And Chez, you of all people should know Bush didn't drown New Orleans. He left New Orleans to die slowly and painfully due to starvation, dehydration, infection, and pretty much general Bush principle (shits and giggles).

Janean said...

What an interesting idea!

It's certainly better than my idea to let poor people sell their babies as food to make up for rising gas and food costs. Yours is much more simple and goes straight to the heart of the problem.

Richard said...

You maybe sharing the same cell as Keith Olbermann, which was a great "rant" the other night. Luckily you have that disclaimer at the bottom of your blog....just in case.

Anonymous said...

Liz says...

Finally someone said what was on my mind the whole stinking time. Can I volunteer? I have a baseball bat and a sockfull of pennies! *smooches*

Deacon Blue said...'re using the company-owned computer while you're at work to do your blog?

For shame!

Oh, that's right, you were sacked unceremoniously by CNN and currently not IN an office job, are you? Mike M's powers of prognosication are now suspect? Does that mean perhaps your blog hasn't run its course yet?

papagena said...

If only there was a way to make him feel the pain of a parent who has lost a child in this war. Or if we could make him understand what it is like to be a soldier and be so used to gunfire that you don't even flinch when you are being shot at. But that's impossible, so yeah, let's stick with beating him senseless.

Nate said...

It's been nice knowing you, Chez. We will miss you during your REDACTED month stay in REDACTED.

Ms. Mix & Bitch said...

I can see the Vicodin has run out ;-)

I think you've received almost the same amount of venom in some of these comments as you did for SJP.

Hmmm...maybe the same people that find Sarah Jessica attractive are the same ones that think Bush is doing a good job.

Now THAT explains everything.

Alex McQ said...

It is not so much as he DROWNED New Orleans, he just didn't throw it a life jacket even though he was standing next to a mountain of life jackets.

Robbie said...

It will be easy to refute each of your arguments, using logic. I'll respond to your points one-by-one:

1.)...he's lied to push us into a war...

First of all, our engagement with Iraq began long before this most recent war. It goes back at least to 1963, when Abd al-Karim Qasim was overthrown, through 1991 when Saddam Hussein wiped a member of the UN (Kuwait) off the map, through the present day. So to say Bush only recently "pushed us into war" is false.

That Bush lied to push us into war is itself a lie. Our CIA, the vast majority of the intelligence agencies around the world, and most of the Democrats believed that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. A mistake is NOT the same as a lie. To lie means to say something you KNOW is not true. Bush thought Saddam Hussein had WMD, based on faulty information. You can say the war was a bad choice, but you can not honestly say Bush lied to push us into war.
Also, Abu Musab al Zarqawi was operating in the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq BEFORE the war. Zarqawi's group, Ansar al-Islam, and many other radical Muslim groups received some help from Iraqi intelligence, all this is documented. Read this article from the New York Sun:

2.)...that's killed thousands of Americans...

This is true, and each death is a tragedy but also a sacrifice to keep you and I safe.

3.)...and destroyed our reputation around the world...

Let's look at the positive results of the most recent war in Iraq: Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. We learned of A.Q. Khan's nuclear black market. Libya agreed to turn over its WMDs, not to the UN, but to Bush and Blair. We were able to take our bases out of Saudi Arabia. The Arab states' intelligence agencies are now cooperating with us more than they had before the invasion of Iraq. We will reach some kind of accomadation with Iran. You may say that the war wasn't worth all this, but you can not say that the war has "destroyed our reputation around the world."

4.)...trampled our civil liberties...

Can you name just ONE way George W. Bush has trampled on your civil liberties? You even write that you want someone to "beat the living shit out of" him, and has any Secret Service agent come to your home? Have you seen any black helicoptors following you? If you have, it's probably just a halucination.

5.)...drowned the city of New Orleans...

Was that Bush or Katrina?

6.)...decimated the economy...

Now, this is a HUGE lie or you have some sort of problem reading facts. The economy has grown almost every quarter of the Bush administraion since 2001.

7.)I'll skip down a bit because I can't stand too much more of this stupidity: comparing Barack those who tried to appease the Nazis in the lead-up to World War II

Did Bush say Barack Obama's name once during the speech you are referencing? Again, I think you have trouble perceiving facts. It's funny, the Left is allowed to call Bush "Hitler," but if Bush says the word Nazi, the self-pitying Barack Obama assumes Bush is talking about him and cries about it.

VOTAR said...

I suggest a WWE steel cage death match, circa 1998.

Mic Foley can easily distract him with a sock puppet while cracking him over his head with a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire -- that is also, by the way, set on fire -- The Rock can layeth the smacketh down on his jabroni candy ass, and the Dudley Boys can slam him in the head with a steel chair, a steel ladder, a steel table, and other objects also ostensibly made of steel.

It would be the most electrifying event in political entertainment history.

I mean really, think of the image of dubbya coughing and sputtering under the huge cheezy blubbering massive cheeks of Rakishi's giant ass.

I'd pay $79.99 for the pay-per-view of that. Wouldn't you?

Chez said...

Wow Robbie, just... wow.

It might seriously be time to take the little cupful of pills the nurse left on your nightstand.

I'm not going to bother refuting every single talking point you took the time to prattle off. Feel free to chalk it up to the unassailable wisdom of your "logic" if you'd like, or even to my own ignorance. I honestly couldn't care less, because I can tell you actually believe the nonsense you're spewing.

For the record though, I really wouldn't blithely throw around the word "stupidity" if I were you. Just my advice.

Anonymous said...

Obfuscation? I'll look that one up. Chez, you're right on the mark. Keep writing. We need more like you, to help us realize that the hazy little suspicion that something is not quite right here in the good U.S. of A. is worth getting riled up about!

Felis Femina said...

Chez, I'll be happy to refute some of Robbie's talking points for you, at least until I can't stand the stupidity any longer (hey, there's that word again!).

Economics? Yes, the economy has grown during the Bush administration but the growth level has still been well below average. In other words, he didn't do a damn thing.

The Bush/Obama Nazi comment? No he didn't say Obama's name outright but it was seen as an implication, so much so that even White House officials stated that they were aware the speech could be interpreted that way.

Katrina and New Orleans? If you don't think Bush played a major role in that catastrophe, well, I want some of the stuff you're smoking.

Civil liberties? Well, let's see. He delayed the approval for Plan B for more than 2 years and promoted abstinence only over comprehensive sex education. Wait, what am I forgetting? Oh, right, quite a few provisions to The Patriot Act.

OK, that's all I can take, I gotta go play more Mario Kart.

VOTAR said...


Well, for starters, the New York Sun report that robbie cites, dated March 14th 2008, clearly indicates that the belief that Saddam may have considered collaboration with and/or manipulation of international terrorists, is a conclusion based on documents seized after the American invasion of Iraq, and that these anecdotes confirm what a very small minority of hawkish think-tankers suspected.

This paper thin retroactive excuse only survives the litmus test if you also accept that our intelligence agencies sent time-travelling secret agents into Baghdad in 1999 to rifle through Saddam's filing cabinets for juicy gossip to whisper into Donald Rumsfeld's ear.

To have lived through the last seven years, and still find a way to excuse, forgive, or actually -- inexplicably! -- cheer for this outlaw regime, you have to be delusional, illiterate, or otherwise incapable of rational thought.

Indeed, to lie means to say something you KNOW is not true.

Sort of like




Once again, apologists for the cabal of war criminals occupying the White House fall back on their only remaining defense:

The process or result of fusing unrelated items into one new entity.

Sadly, they fall back on this strategy because unfortunately, IT WORKS . It "plays in the heartland," so to speak, where the ignorant and the desperate truly do cling to their religion and their guns.

You see, it doesn't matter whether Zarqawi was in Iraq, ever. Seriously, THAT is your defense of this criminal invasion of a sovereign country??? I thought this was about something vaguely called WMD. What? No WMDs? Okay... why are we still there? Zarqawi is dead? Okay... why are we still there? Saddam got lynched? Okay... why are we still there? The Iraqis
greeted us as liberators with flowers and candy, right? Democracy has sprouted throughout the middle east, right? The massive profits from the sale of Iraqi oil has paid for this war, right?

Almost everyone else in the world, finally, sees that every one of the constantly shifting justifications for this war crime that the American government has shamefully committed, have been lies. Except robbie, and maybe a handful of other Flavor-Aid chugging zealots. Suit yourself, man. It doesn't require an affiliation with either American political party (I am, incidentally, not a "Democrat" nor particularly liberal) to be able to see with your own eyes, and think with your own mind. America's reputation around the world has been blackened by this exportation of death for profit, by this wanton act of agression that serves to make the case of Al Qaida more convincingly than bin Laden ever did.

So, sleep well tonight robbie. Don't concern yourself with



All is well. America uber alles.

Deacon Blue said...

Robbie, I'll just take a shot at one of your points to keep my blood pressure down...

So what if we've grown economically every quarter? Growth doesn't always equal progress.

For example, incomes have grown tremendously since, the middle of the 20th century, but how far that money goes has gone down considerably. The dollar has been stadily weakening, so mild growth ain't getting us anywhere...and we're in debt up to our eyeballs as a nation.

We need more serious growth, and investment in infrastructure for the long term value it brings. Bush & company are more interested in spending our money and taking out loans on our future to wage a grudge match in the Middle East and try to be the world's tough guy, instead of doing something about our bridge, levees, roads, communcations, power grid and environment.

'Nuf said

Beckylooo said...

Chez, if you haven't already I highly recommend this article in Harpers from a couple years back on the subject of whether or not one can publicly discuss the ass kicking of the president. It's deeply funny. I carry it around with me as it's good for a laugh when things feel especially hopeless.

Anonymous said...

That Bush lied to push us into war is itself a lie. Our CIA, the vast majority of the intelligence agencies around the world, and most of the Democrats believed that Saddam Hussein had WMDs.

Let us ignore Powell's speech to the UN, going on about how we knew Saddam was manufacturing chemical/biological weapons. In a series of photographs, the case was made that we knew exactly where the WMDs were.

That made the egg on our face all the more plain to the world when we invaded and didn't find anything.

The state department still has his speech and slides up here, if anyone is interested.

It was also argued that we had solid links between Saddam and terrorist organizations, and that invasion was necessary because of an imminent threat posed by the possibility he might start selling WMDs.

These arguments were ultimately refuted by the Senate's investigation after the fact, which can be found here.

At the very least, it can be said that we invaded under false pretenses.

Can you name just ONE way George W. Bush has trampled on your civil liberties?

- NSA's illegal wiretaps.
- FBI's continued abuse of national security letters, which have dubious constitutionality anyways.
- Patriot Act.

... just to name a few.

The national security letter abuses should have caused us to clean house in the FBI. The wiretaps should have immediately resulted in impeachment hearings. The fact that the Patriot Act was passed, let alone continues to exist, makes me wonder if all three branches should be wiped clean and re-populated from scratch.

Now, this is a HUGE lie or you have some sort of problem reading facts. The economy has grown almost every quarter of the Bush administraion since 2001.

That really depends on how you look at it. While the US GDP is growing, inflation is growing faster, giving us a net result of the GDP actually shrinking.

9/11 had its hand in the overall lukewarm to cold economy since Bush took office, and the Enron/Worldcom bombs couldn't have helped. We can't really blame anyone in government for the economic impact of those events. The current sub-prime lending situation is a little fuzzier.

However, it should be obvious by now that our economic stimulus package is ineffective at best. That's not to say I didn't appreciate getting my check in the mail the other day.

But, the money does have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is our record-high budget deficits. Bush will be leaving office soon, and we're all going to be left holding the check.

While I would enjoy the thought that we might help pay down the debt by first cutting spending on some of our obscene additions (Department of Homeland Security, I am looking at you), I must be realistic and assume that we will be seeing tax-hikes in the near future instead.

Of course, the taxes will be the Democrat's fault, despite all the Republican IOU's sitting around from the Iraq war, added government fat, and artificial "economic stimulus" attempts.

David Carroll said...

Wouldn't it be sweeter to convict him and his co-conspirators of something capital using the very justice system they tried so hard to destroy?

I suggest we first get Barrack and John to pledge to never pardon any of these jerks. No need to ask Hillary.

If they won't then send Bush & friends to The Hauge...

Al said...

Votar is full of win. Full to the brim, overflowing, rocking the house with total pwnij.

I'm sick of the head in the sand crowd still insisting that the WMD story that had credibility in the 90' still held true in 2003. That somehow Chalabi's machinations had NO ulterior motives (even though he fashioned himself the rightful heir to Hussein just as Mas Canosa all but demanded he be "freely" proclaimed Ruler for Life of Free(ish) Cuba). Further, the claim that the economy has grown in "most" quarters under GW is like saying a patient is breathing "much" of the time. Last I checked that growth was based on debt spending, absurd real estate speculation and offset by off-budget waste of billions on a war making us less safe.

The fact that even some 20% of the electorate still thinks Bush is doing even a marginally decent job makes me truly wonder who my countrymen are. Could the Cletuses of this land really be THAT stupid?

Robbie said...

It is so fun and easy to argue with Bush-haters, just like it is easy to make fun of President Bush for not bumbling through his speeches.

Economics? Yes, the economy has grown during the Bush administration but the growth level has still been well below average. In other words, he didn't do a damn thing.

This is classic! "Economic growth doesn't matter, but even if it did matter, the economic growth we've experienced is below average!" Need I respond to this line of reasoning?

No he didn't say Obama's name outright but it was seen as an implication, so much so that even White House officials stated that they were aware the speech could be interpreted that way.

Yes, Obama is one of the people who said he would negotiate with Ahmadinijad (and I happen to agree with Obama on this one; as I stated before, I believe this is one of the positives to come out of our invasion of Iraq is that we are better able to deal with Iran). But Obama and his supporters should quit whining every time somebody disagrees with Sen. Obama. It isn't very presidential.

Katrina and New Orleans? If you don't think Bush played a major role in that catastrophe, well, I want some of the stuff you're smoking.

Another classic. So, was it that Bush blew up the levies? Or was it Karl Rove's weather machine? What catastrophe happened after the levies broke that Bush caused or even that Bush could've fixed?

Civil liberties? Well, let's see. He delayed the approval for Plan B for more than 2 years and promoted abstinence only over comprehensive sex education.

Yes, I forgot, your kids have a civil right to learn from their college-educated health teacher rather than an embarrassed, irresponsible, incompetent parent how to put on a condom or take the pill!

Well, for starters, the New York Sun report that robbie cites, dated March 14th 2008, clearly indicates that the belief that Saddam may have considered collaboration with and/or manipulation of international terrorists, is a conclusion based on documents seized after the American invasion of Iraq, and that these anecdotes confirm what a very small minority of hawkish think-tankers suspected.

So, you admit that the "hawkish think-tankers" were right.

Okay... why are we still there?

Because we have "been there" in some sense since at least 1963, and now, like it or not, we cannot shirk our responsibility to the nation of Iraq.

America's reputation around the world has been blackened by this exportation of death for profit, by this wanton act of agression that serves to make the case of Al Qaida more convincingly than bin Laden ever did.

Bin Laden weaker than ever. Al Qaida weaker than ever.

The Arabs' intelligence agencies are now cooperating with us more than they were before the invasion of Iraq. We have ended A.Q. Khan's nuclear black market. We have ended Libya's WMD program, as a direct result of the invasion of Iraq. And we are going to reach an accommodation with Iran. It gets boring to repeat all this, but it is my duty to remind everyone that, while the invasion of Iraq may have been a mistake, it has NOT hurt our reputation around the world.

For example, incomes have grown tremendously since, the middle of the 20th century, but how far that money goes has gone down considerably. The dollar has been stadily weakening, so mild growth ain't getting us anywhere...and we're in debt up to our eyeballs as a nation.

This is simply false. REAL per capita GDP and REAL disposable personal income has grown steadily under EVERY president at least since Eisenhower.

Bush is close to average for REAL per capita DPI growth since Eisenhower.

But, the money does have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is our record-high budget deficits. Bush will be leaving office soon, and we're all going to be left holding the check.

This may be the biggest untruth told, intentionally or unintentionally, by both the Right and the Left. When will we EVER have to "pay back" the national debt??? We will continue to sell Treasury Securities, and, therefore, we will never have to "pay back" the national debt. It's amazing that the Left and the Right still believe national debt hysteria!

Chez said...

This is getting pretty tiresome Robbie, but for the record, you put a hell of a lot of effort into being so thoroughly wrong. Kudos to you.

VOTAR said...

Yep. He's fulfilled his "duty."

We've all, uh, been served. Or something.

Robbie said...

...and I will never tire of arguing against dishonesty or ignorance. So, bring it on.

Anonymous said...

It is one of my greatest wishes that DuMbya and the shitstains who work for him mysteriously disappear and turn up in a UN protected country, on trial for war crimes.

Of course the dream has a happy ending. Publicly viewed executions by waterboarding.

Chez said...

Well Rob -- I'll just sigh, shake my head and admit that at least no one can accuse of you being insincere in your folly.

And no, as I said before, I won't "bring it on" (although I can't thank you enough for hitting the stereotype-homerun by using such a predictable Bushism). If reality hasn't convinced you by now kid, I seriously doubt I'll be able to. This is one of those cases where it's probably best for me to remember that trying to teach a pig to sing only wastes your time and annoys the pig.

Deacon Blue said...

Oh, but Chez, I just don't want to give up JUST yet, not when I've found these lovely factoids about disposable income/the falling value of the dollar/etc. to refute Robbie. Not that I expect it to change HIS mind; just wouldn't want any gullible folks who happen along just shake their heads and say, "oh, those Bush-haters and their made-up criticisms"

To whit:

By the end of 2007, 36 percent of consumers' disposable income went to food, energy and medical care, a bigger chunk of income than at any time since records were first kept in 1960, according to Merrill Lynch.

The dollar, which held up fine in the 2001 recession, is falling now even more than it did in the early '70s

The US has been in a worrisome trend for the past 30 years. Although disposable personal income has been growing (we are “richer” than our parents), the percentage at which disposable personal income grows year by year is smaller and smaller. To provide an example, it is like driving a bicycle uphill. You will still go higher, but the amount of energy needed to advance gets higher as you climb. This example should make it clear that, if we don’t change this trend, disposable personal income will stop growing and will start decreasing.

I'll shut up now. Just couldn't let it go right away without a last pop to Robbies' mouth.

Blade said...

Hey Chez, unrelated entirely to this thread.. thought maybe if you hadn't seen this, you'd be interested by it, and might want to post it.

McCain talking a whole lot of crap

Robbie said...

Very perceptive of you, Chez. Garsh, I can tell you used to be one o' them fancy, big-city news reporters! Not like us red-state country bumpkins!

Of course you won't respond, Chez. You will only condescend and call me names, in the typical New York Leftist style. So I'll just continue to have fun with you.

Workers' real compensation increased dramatically from 2000 to 2005.

The value of the dollar, trade-weighted, is the same today as it was in 1996.

Chez said...

New York Leftist eh? Congrats, once again you get the cliché argument of the year award. Look, in this age, it's shockingly easy to produce a few articles which support almost any dubious assertion. You're completely entitled to wrong-headedly believe that the country has been going in the right direction for the past eight years and that George Bush is a large part of the reason why. The bottom line here though is that you're arguing not for something but against those you feel are "New York Leftists," the ones who, in your opinion, have found far too much of their message being adopted by the masses as of late. What you're unwilling to accept is that the anti-Bush crowd is so large right now not because your talking points just aren't getting through -- maybe you blame the liberal media, maybe some other time-tested boogeyman -- but because Bush himself has fucked up that badly.

What's interesting though, is that while you attack my responses to you -- who knows, maybe you feel like I'm the giant you need to kill and if so, thanks for the vote of confidence -- you don't seem to address any of the good folks on this site who have refuted your nonsense word for word, line by line. I just didn't feel like arguing with you because I knew it would be useless (you proved me right, by the way), but to aim your rather tepid barbs at me while ignoring those who feel like indulging your spurious assertions is, dare I say, cowardly.

I said at the beginning that if you want to take my silence as a victory for you, have at it. I won't lose any sleep over the fact that you'll tell everyone at your next bar-b-q how you beat down the snotty elitist New Yorker. This really has dragged on long enough though. So, have a nice day. : )

Anonymous said...

All this tit for tat over economics is a lot of straw man distraction. Who cares about "workers' real compensation" and the value of trade-weighted dollar? Maybe Neil Cavuto and Ben Stein care about whatever the hell those things mean. While the reality is that the executive branch has very little to do with the details of the economy, the average American understands that a sitting President can, through his actions (or inactions), instill us all with hope and optimism, or can foment fear and doubt. It should be really obvious by now which option took root during the tenure of this administration. Recognizing this does not make someone a "hater" (what is this, middle school?) or a leftist. When the vast majority of such a huge population is this unhappy, something is afoot, and it can't conveniently be blamed on successful elitist liberal propaganda. To suggest so, and to zealously avoid digging into what might really be going wrong here, is just intellectually lazy.

This president has been given every pass we can tolerate extending to him, and much has been forgiven and excused, but now only the most blind of his apologists still rise to his defense. The rest of us, even most who may have initially, cautiously, supported the idea of what is now obviously a mammoth foreign policy failure, are all just worn out. Parsing whether our occupation of foreign soil was based on a lie or "just a mistake" would be comical if it were not so frighteningly dangerous. Stepping on someone's toe is a "mistake." Invading the middle east on what are demonstrably false pretenses, and causing the deaths of tens of thousands (apparently, if I'm to understand what I've repeatedly read here, to put A.Q. Khan out of business?) is something else entirely. What it REALLY is, is certainly obvious to any thoughtful, ethical human being.

Any American who spends any time traveling abroad in the world can refute the suggestion that's been made here that America's reputation has not been seriously wounded. The world rallied around us on 9/11; the world now shakes its head in bemusement at how far off the rails we drove the truck of righteous indignation. Only in the so-called "red" states (...funny, has anyone else realized the ironic way that word has been commandeered by this generation?), could that illusion still draw breath. But you've got to get out more, so to speak, and experience the world that exists outside the safe walls of your ranch style 3-bedroom in your quiet subdivision. To the rest of the world, America is the big dumb bully in the sandlot, physically strong but lacking the discipline to wield it. People elsewhere admire the opportunities that exist here, but marvel at how easily they can be abused. Despite all the rhetoric at NASCAR tailgates and gun shows, this only serves to remind the other 5.8 billion people on planet Earth that America is not quite the beacon of human achievement its citizens are told to believe it is -- and at times it is demonstrably far worse. Spend some time someplace where they won't be grilling hot dogs on July 4th, where being identified as an American is more a liability than a protection, and you'll learn what I mean. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to identify myself as an American with pride, rather than as an apology. With luck, that chance begins in January.

Anonymous said...

The only downside I see to stomping the snot out of him as that he may get sympathy.

I don't want sympathy, I want the next sitting President to do what needs to be done. And that is have him arrested for treason (and punished accordingly).

Anonymous said...

impeachment is our legal recourse and duty. impeach bush and the whole 'gang of four' - bush, cheney, rice and rumsfeld. i'd like to put them in prison - and not a 'club fed' - something hard core so bush can really feel what it's like to be fucked over.

Chez said...

No idea who you are @Anonymous 11:20 -- but you sure as hell get your point across a lot more eloquently than I do. Thanks.

slouchmonkey said...

You've made some good points as did Votar, I think. You guys can argue the hell out of this issue of whether or not I can shatter Bush's teeth with one punch and knock him the fuck out. Oh, no, wait...

but, nonetheless, you guys do make convincing arguments. I love it.

One lie I didn't particularly like was during his campaign to be Grand Wizard ruler he stated that he favors small government and conservative fiscal spending. Since taking office, the administration has increased the size of the Federal government and increased government spending exponentially. How can you ignore this?

Family Values? And, "...robustly keeping the government out of peoples lives." Yeah, sure we believe in free speech, just as long as it goes along with what most other people think, then it's okay. If not, they must be anti-American and they hate America, or gay. Oh yeah, no gays, either. They can't be married. And, that woman in Florida, let's get involved with her right to life.

Civil liberties?

The administration has also borrowed more money than all the previous Presidents since Washington, combined. Treasury Department.

What about the administrations lack of care or focus on veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan? Walter Reed. "We'll look into it." They still haven't done anything about it. Recommendations were made, then ignored. Cheney's response, "They volunteered for it." Does this disgust you?

Obviously, you've got your history right and the US has been involved with Iraq for some time. Will you dispute that the US provided arms and weapons to Iraq and biological weapons to Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war? Pot. Kettle. Black.

Gas prices in 2000, estimated $1.69 a gallon. I just filled up for $4.10 a gallon. Not so great, I don't want to blame Bush but shit, who else?

Now, I make decent coin but his initial tax cuts were a bunch of shit...did they make sense, yes for one group of people. An elite group. When Warren Buffet says that the tax cuts help him more than it did his secretary, I'm inclined to believe him. Ask Paul O'Neil, a reasonable man, what he thinks on this matter.

Yes, higher income people get more tax breaks because they create more jobs...blah, blah, blah...but, I like the middle class and to see them get fucked and witnessing more and more middle income earners getting pulled into Alternative Minimum Tax each year isn't healthy for a capitalistic enterprise.

To say the Bush is successful, look at his work prior to becoming President. Mostly failure. I remember Reagan referring to him as "shiftless."

Our reputation abroad. Now, your point is taken and true Libya gave it some thought...but, man I don't Mom always said/says how America helps people in less fortunate places...but, shit a lot of folks out there in the rest of the world don't like what were doing or going on about. Should we just blow them off or up and say they don't count? I don't see us really winning hearts and minds. We own Earth? "Can't we all just get along?"

I suck at writing and this is too long, but when Bush was elected I was not excited, I voted 3rd party BTW, and was/am in the minority with pretty much everything the guy has done since taking office with the exception of clearing brush (fire hazards) and invading Afghanistan and taking care of business which they are still trying to do and failing, but I kept quiet and dealt with the jabs and ridicule that were pointed at me when political discourse took place and I'd expressed my unpopular views. I was in the minority and that's okay. Now you and the rest of the Bush administration are unpopular and your views are in the toilet. I don't think it's passing fancy, it's more the result of hubris and ego and the belief that "if I really feel it's true, then it must be" mentality. They'll have to live with what they've done. "Drink up kid, it's a helluva thing killin' a man. You take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have." Anyway, majority rules, so go fry an egg you fucking ass-lick!

Chez said...

And that's where this "discussion" should end, since no one's going to convince anyone of anything and it's a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Deacon Blue said...

Don't plan to fuel the pointless discussion anymore, but Chez, now that you've been outed as a New York Leftist, can you tell me where y'all meet for your parties?

I found that the fascists really have a lousy selection of drinks (though they put out some mean cocktail weinies) and the libertarians, while they have pretty good munchies and a fine selection of microbrews, have a tendency to slip pot into the brownies at times, and I'm not really into that.

Anonymous said...

Hell and yes.

namron said...

I repeat: Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when we really neeeded him?

Chez said...

For the record, I'm not publishing any more of Robbie's lengthy treatises -- and there were at least a couple more submitted. Likewise, I won't publish the comments of anyone who attacks him or his points specifically.

As Jon Stewart once famously said, the argument was turning into partisan hackery -- with each side taking its shots and citing its documentation and influencing absolutely no one. I don't usually have a problem debating dissent within the comment section, the problem is -- and this is something my wife warns me about constantly -- that by arguing my beliefs and the statements made very clearly on the main page of DXM, this place turns into a wild west town, where I wind up spending most of my time defending myself against every gunslinger who strolls in here wanting to challenge me. By arguing ad infinitum, I not only embolden anyone with a dissenting opinion -- making that person believe he or she is entitled to an explanation and that I'm on call 24/7 for "healthy debate" -- I wind up giving the impression that any battle with me on this site is a "fair fight;" It's not -- this is actually my house and I do get to make the rules.

Over the course of this blog, I've made my points crystal clear and backed up my reasoning as best as possible. I can't debate my views into the horizon every time I write something that draws fire. It's boring and stupid and not a lot of fun to read, particularly when it's clear that no one's mind will be changed.

I do thank everyone who engages in the debate on the comment pages though -- really, it's appreciated.

Anonymous said...

can't we move on to gay marriage in california, god damn it!!!!

Transparent World Partnership said...

Does that mean it's too late to say something about the Red State comments being thrown around?

I'm from Nebraska, which was billed by CNN in a story after 2004 as the "reddest of the red states," but you know, we've voted in helluva lot of democratic governors, senators, representatives, et cetera. So, haha funny! jokes about our university colors aside, it seemed like a strange assertion.

Not all of us midwesterners lock ourselves away in subdivisions. I've traveled in Africa, central American, Bosnia and elsewhere, to learn how people live in the world and ultimately (I hope) to work in the public interest to stop suffering like that caused by the present administration.

Now, I come by my liberal thinking honestly; my grandmother helped get Kennedy elected as the chair of the democratic committee of Wyoming. But I sympathize with the generally moderate views of my "square state," "red state," and/or "flyover state" brethren. It's hard to be a moderate in those states when liberal people from the coasts cast geographically-based aspersions on your moral character and intelligence. I've felt disenfranchised as a democrat my whole life, even though all my friends and colleagues were basically as liberal as me.

On that note, one of my friends in college got a visit from the secret service for writing in an editorial in "The Daily Nebraskan" that Clinton should be "shot in the elbow if he thinks.....' something about NAFTA, I can't remember now, which my friend thought was counter to the principles of fair trade and too much more neo-liberal than liberal.

All I'm sayin', ya'll, is that there's a whole mess of us progressive types out here in the middle west. We are of one mind with our New York Elitist counterparts. please don't use our geographical locale as a euphemism for ignoramus or partisan hack or religious zealot, arright? Don't forget that Bush was from Connecticut.

Bill White said...

This is such hard Left bed-wetting drivel. History will prove that my president made the right decisions. GW Bush stared down Islamo-Fascism during his successful presidency. Could we say that about his predecessor? No. Bill Clinton ignored the threats to our nation and her allies overseas. I'm more convinced that the two towers in your city would be standing today if Bill Clinton were not president. GW Bush was handed a recession that began on Bill Clinton's watch. Mr. Bush did his best to stimulate the economy during a time of fighting global terrorism. I'm sorry Chez, but you're a misguided angry young man with way too much time on your hands. You're convinced that you're talented and famous, but I'm here to tell you that you are a dime a dozen. Believe me when I write this, but there is no market for angry Liberal junk like this. Just look at Air America. It's failing in most of the country. Liberal ranting simply doesn't work and certainly this subpar Blog doesn't make the cut either. OK, you have a few fans, but believe me when I tell you that I am writing for the majority of the country -- not for your lefty friends on the island and throughout the Northeast. Chez, you are incredibly arrogant. Why don't you get a real job and help make this economy grow? It is without a doubt that you are anti-American and I do hope that you are being investigated. This Blog is a threat to national security. There are fighting men and women in the military who are putting their lives on the line so that you can write this crap. Think about that, you mean-spirited Islamo-Fascist lover.

Phil said...

How anyone can defend Bush over Katrina is beyond me. Speaking from outside the US (I escaped the Madness of King George five years ago), the civilised world watched in incredulous horror as your own citizens were left to rot for days on end, bodies floating around suburbs, and people left to fend and fight for themselves with no aid. Seeing American citizens waving homemade banners with 'please help us' to the outside world was a sight I should never have seen. It was a disgusting time, and I felt for my American friends trapped beneath the chimp you call Commander in Chief.

As for the reputation of the US? After 9/11 ,when the world felt your pain, when we rushed to donate and grieve alongside you, America was one of us. Now, we stand nervously as we would alongside a babe in arms with a molatov.

Chez said...

Bill --

That's seriously the funniest, most entertaining thing that's ever appeared on this site. I can't thank you enough.

You rule man!

Phil said...

Bill, so your trailer park DOES have internet access?

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."
George W Bush, CNN, 18th December 2000

Chez said...


Man, funny. I'm still laughing over here.

Phil said...

I think Michael Crichton said it best:

"I would like to point out how freaking idiotic the “Islamo-Fascist” neologism really is. For one, “fascist” and “totalitarian” are not synonyms, no matter what Bill O’Reilly might have told you. The only way to describe al-Qaeda as “Islamo-Fascists” is to stretch that category so wide that Stalin and Mao become “Communo-Fascists” and Louis XIV is dubbed a “Solar-Monarcho-Fascist.”"

(careful Bill, there are some big words in there, might want to get your gun, just in case).

Oh, and Chez - Godless, you got that right; Anti-American, no - just anti-Bush (and the mindless fucktards that beatify him) Oh wait, he needs to be dead for that to happen. Anyone?

Oh, and...

Anonymous said...

dude, Bill White was VOTAR in drag.

Can you spot that? No human being would write what Billy wrote, and do so with a straight face. (Of course, unless he is from the Westboro Baptist Church)

sparksinner said...

I'm way late to the party, but can you post this image on the comments?

Anonymous said...

"This blog is a threat to national security"
Bill White stop it you're blowing his head up...Chez I bet you feel like a blushing's offical you've arrived....congratulations...

Chez said...

Oh please -- there's no way any of that is serious. Nobody's that fucking stupid. It's Andy Kaufman risen from the dead -- even the name, Bill White, is just too perfect.

Oh wait, it is serious?

Eh, whatever. It gave me the best laugh I've had in weeks -- and that's really all that matters. : )

God bless you Bill W. -- I guess I really am a friend of yours.

Glenn said...


you truly rock. bush deserves all the animosity and hatred and fantasy beatings that can be heaped on him.

you said what almost all americans and most nonamericans are feeling

Bill White said...

You Communist Liberals on the island think you're so funny picking on my use of the term "Islamo-Fascism." I have this to say to y'all: Hello, McFly, they want to kill us! I agree with my buddy Sean Hannity when he says that you lefties just don't get it. GW Bush is a man of honor, principle, morals and the best part about him is that he follows the word of God and Jesus Christ. In all of my 53 years on this planet, I'm so sick and tired of you Godless Libs poking fun at people like me and my president. We stand up for what's right. Oh and by the way, I'm not from a trailer park. I'm a successful businessman who runs a plumbing outfit in Mississippi who is tired of government getting in the way of my achievement and business growth. I come from a state where we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and that includes the aftermath of Katrina. I helped out in that effort and let me tell you that I never saw such determination and rugged individualism - ever! We were so different from the bed-wetting people who complained that there wasn't enough government help. You know something, I saw a small bit of that awful film "Fast Food Nation" on HBO the other night. It was on a scene where Bruce Willis' character is yelling out, "You know, sometimes you just have to eat sh*t in this life." Let me tell you that I ate plenty of it and Chez, you need to eat it as well because it will make you a man like me. Just like my president, GW Bush, I had some problems with drink and drugs in the early 1980s. One day I drove my pickup truck into a ditch and I swear Jesus pulled me out of the vehicle. I never had one more drop of the poison. I thank God and Jesus for everything that I have achieved. Even though your thoughts are wrong, I will keep praying for bed-wetting libs like you Chez. You just don't realize that this country is one nation under God. How do I know that? Because Toby Keith said so.

Chez said...

Seriously man, you absolutely rule. You put me to shame when it comes to comedy gold.

I was actually believing you until you sucker punched me with Toby Keith. Fucking masterful.

Phil said...

Dang, an' I was gonna get me some grits too, y'all.

Anonymous said...

clearly bill white is a clown. we need our clowns. laugh clown, laugh.

Anonymous said...


I can only judge you by your writings here, but I will ask this question based on what I read on your blog. Why do you seem to be filled with so much hate?

robpo said...

People like Bill really exist! Can you believe that? I have a hard time believing it, but reality is not usually kind, some people just gotta avoid it so their head doesn't explode.

I'm so disappointed we didn't see the KEY talking point - we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here!

Poor fools. But then again, my rational sensibility runs out from time to time, so lets make it the jungle and stomp their fucking asses into the ground. Funny, if you speak their language like that they turn it around and use your "normal" sensiblities against you. Cowards.

Chez said...

Filled with hate?

Oh piss off, Grandma. Ya know, I called the nursing home and told them to stop letting you use the computer...

Bill White said...

Thank you Chez. I was at Bible study the other night with my wife Dolores and I told the group about a misguided young Secular Progressive in New York City by the name of Chez. We all held hands and prayed that you would become a young man who will give up the anger and adopt a life dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Phil said...

I'll sacrifice a goat for you Bill.

Chez said...

Secular Progressive -- I like that.

Can you just mention NASCAR, Bill? Just once, so that you'll hit every possible point on the stereotype-o-meter.

By the way, you know that Dolores rhymes with clitoris, right?

Seinfeld taught me that. : )

And I was kidding about the Christ thing. Dumb-ass superstition just isn't my thing. But once again, you're making me laugh harder than anyone ever has on this site, so whoever you are, kudos to you man.

Bill White said...

Chez, I try to stay away from most secular, left-wing programming which I see that you were part of at one time. I heard about that awful Seinfield crap. Don't get me wrong. I love my Jewish friends. In fact I think they deserve to have a homeland. They are our brothers in fighting Islamo-Fascism, but this Seinfield character promotes homesexuality, masturbation and so many other things that go against the Ten Commandments. I don't care if you're laughing at me. Mainstream network programming promotes the left-wing, liberal homosexual agenda. Thank the Lord that my boys were spared from such poison.

Now I do watch some television and monitor it for purity. The other night I came across "Fast Food Nation" on HBO. It is a horrible movie, but I did like Bruce Willis in it. That Bill Maher sickens me. I'm still thinking about cancelling HBO, but I need to monitor it more to make a decision.

Most of my viewing time is spent watching "The 700 Club", FOX News and of course, you guessed it-NASCAR. My boys Dale and Kyle travel with me to plenty of NASCAR action around the South. In a few weeks I'm heading up in my F-150 to the Lowe's Motor Speedway in North Carolina. When I arrive at the speedway, we form a prayer circle. On this next trip, I will pray that my president will see this dangerous Web site and pull it down. Chez, you don't know how much you are poisoning the minds of good Americans. Yes, y'all are good Americans. Y'all are just misguided. Once y'all find Christ you will see how full your lives will be! God Bless you and God Bless this great country. Love, BW

Chez said...

Alright -- now I know for sure you're fucking with me (which is cool by the way). Because if you were serious about all this, not only would you not be able to operate a computer, you wouldn't know how to write a complete sentence.

Once again Bill White -- my new favorite person on earth -- kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if bill w really knows what his 'boys' are up to at NASCAR? i hear the tearoom action there is pretty hectic! as anyone in the life will tell you... daddies are the last to know.

Chez said...

Okay, I take it back -- that was the funniest thing that's ever been said on this site.

Phil said...

Oh, now I know you're fake. A real Jebus freak would be driving an F-350.

Bill White said...

I love you too, Chez no matter how wrong you are. As for the F-150, I am fiscally conservative. It is the same pickup that I drove into a Mississippi ditch years ago after weeks of drink, drugs and plenty of Allman Brothers. Once Jesus pulled me out of it, my life completely turned around. Now since I am a successful businessman I could easily buy a 350, but I need the 150 around to remind me of what my previous life was like. So, 20 years ago, I found Jesus,NASCAR, Ryan's Steakhouse and Toby Keith. I was born again (through my wife Dolores' legs) and promised my boys that I would protect them from the dominant liberal media culture. As it says in the Bible's verse Dave Matthews 16:11, "Thou shalt find the space between the F-150's front dash and gun rack -- that's where God and Sweet Baby Jesus will find the right path for you." God Bless you Chez. I'll keep working on you so that you realize the Islamo-Fascists and Carson Kressley want to kill you.

Chez said...


auntiechristus said...

bill w said "I was born again (through my wife Dolores' legs)"

oh dear. how much more Oedipal can he become?