Friday, May 09, 2008

Listening Post

Perfect for a Friday -- the video that was originally banned from MTV in the U.S. because its visuals had the potential to trigger epileptic seizures.

Consider yourself warned.

Behold the manic brilliance of Gnarls Barkley's Run.


Thomas said...

I think Gnarls Barkley is one of the most important acts in music today — maybe it's just me — but I'm amazed at the friends of mine who are hip hop fans that can't see that manic brilliance.

It's worth mentioning too, that despite his boyband beginnings, Timberlake's self-effacing humor was a nice touch. Which reminds me:

Paul said...

Really? We're posting Gnarls Barkley videos now? What is this, Jack FM?

Chez said...

Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's bad. Hell, Crazy was everywhere -- EVERYWHERE -- two years ago, and yet I always thought that it deserved to be. It was one of the best singles of the last maybe decade or so, and certainly the best debut single by a band in God knows how long.

sparksinner said...

I started watching this and wondered what the problem was. I mean, have you ever watched the anime shit on Adult Swim. That's seizure city 23 minutes straight.

I looked away for a second and when I looked back...I can't remember the details. Next thing I know I'm on the floor doing a really bad impression of The Worm and my co-workers are freaking out.

Can't say I wasn't warned. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@Thomas: just tell your hip hop friends to remember that 1/2 of Gnarls Barkley used to be 1/4 of the Goodie Mob

Anonymous said...

You know, I really really like them. Even though this is a little "Hey Ya" ish, they have an amazingly retro, unique sound.

It's tragic that I know this, but Cee Lo's daughter was featured on MTV's Sweet Sixteen show a couple years ago.

Sheriff Bart said...

I thought it was banned from MTV because it's an actual music video and/or doesn't fit into a TRL slot.
Oh, yea... I also thought Crazy deserved to be everywhere. Popular or not.
GB is some cool shit.