Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gone Barby Gone

I was actually going to hold off until tomorrow to talk about this, but since the official notice has now been circulated throughout CNN I may as well put it out there (I've known about it since Saturday):

The second-in-command at CNN's American Morning, Barb Simon, was fired late last week.

You probably remember that her boss -- my former boss -- Ed Litvak was canned about two weeks after he and the network fired me for blogging (How To Lose a Job in 13 Days?/2.25.08). Essentially the entire power structure of AM -- a show I've consistently derided since my dismissal for its lack of quality -- is now history.

Guess I wasn't the only one who thought things were going to shit.

For what it's worth (nothing), I seem to be the first person mentioning this anywhere.

Details to come.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't they fire the FUCKING PROBLEM with CNN?.....asshole Jon Klein. They can change all the EPs, Producers, on air "personalities" and poorly paid mailroom staff they want but until someone has the balls to fire Klein, nothing will change.