Thursday, May 29, 2008

Everything Is Under Control

I almost wish I were naive enough to react with shock and outrage over CNN reporter Jessica Yellin's public admission last night that her former bosses at (one would presume) ABC News edited or outright killed stories critical of the White House during the lead-up to the Iraq war. It would actually be nice to have anything other than jaded resignation left in me when it comes to crap like this -- really.

That said, the biggest mistake anyone could make when considering Yellin's disclosure would be to assume that such a revelation is specific only to ABC. Or MSNBC. Or even her current employer, CNN.

They all intentionally dropped the ball (and occasionally continue to), not in the name of misguided patriotism but in a greed-fueled effort to cash in on the audience's misguided patriotism.

Read it and weep.

(The Politico: CNN's Yellin Says Network Execs Killed Critical White House Stories)


Mr. Controversy said...

I'm sure the nation (the part not living in denial, at least) wishes they were naive enough to be shocked at the media's treatment of "the truth". Between this and the McClellan book, a lot of people's cynical and jaded outlook on things is not only vindicated, but also sadly transmitted to those who needed a reason to fall.

Paul said...

What is with this recent trend of losers who failed to speak up in the past coming out now as if it makes up for it?

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to bet on how long it is before Yellin's bio disappears from the CNN website?

Anonymous said...

Ok, and the surprise here is what??
As if we didn't know...

My sources at CNN tell me that Jenna Bush is already a shoe in to be the next president.

All of the debates, they've just been a figment of our imagination....

Anyone every see "The Truman show"??