Friday, April 25, 2008

Suck It, Monkeys!*

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: The irony here is that Florida manages to disprove both the Theory of Evolution and Intelligent Design at the same time.

(Gainesville Sun: Florida Senate Passes Bill Challenging Evolution)

(*A little shout-out to anyone who saw last night's episode of 30 Rock.)


Deacon Blue said...

I find this post interesting because I was on a Christian blog recently where the author and maybe half his commenters were defending the supposedly scientfic nature of Intelligent Design as a way of supporting Ben Stein's flick "Expelled," which you've already lambasted. They were trying to say that ID is scientific because there are peer reviewed papers and such about it...even though other commenters were pointing out the lack of verifiable and testable data that are needed to truly propel ID into the world of hard science (I suppose it qualifies as social science in my eyes).

And this article you link to makes a similar mistake about "peer review" by saying it's how scientists make sure each other's work is accurate.

That's true, of course, at a certain level...but I wish people would realize peer review doesn't guarantee scientific validity or even make something scientific.

I write articles for a project management magazine and they have a sister pub that is a project management journal. Those articles are "peer reviewed" but that doesn't make project management a science.

Anyway, just a random rant from a person with most of his career invested in medical and scientific journalism.

TGT said...

I only saw about 2 minutes of 30 Rock my wife hates it for some reason, but that line literally made beer come out of my nose.

Why in the world would Alec Baldwin want to leave that show?

Anonymous said...

Remember Chez, Ronda Storms (author of the bill) is "not apologizing for who I am". That is, she is admitting she is a dumb, fat, and arrogant christian zealout - only a family association would love.

I hate her fucking guts....

b80vin said...

I LOVE this story. It makes sense to the Florida State Congress that we should: a) allow high school science teachers, who do no actual scientific research and b) high school students who know nothing about biological sciences (hence their being in the classroom in the first place), debate evolution, a branch of science that has become so specialized that researchers focus on the evolution of particular cephalopods. On top of that they are going to treat unscientific, unvarifiable, unproven "HYPOTHESES" as competitive to a scientific THEORY.

Florida is consistently getting closer to it's goal: The state that Alabama laughs at.

david said...

I got hooked on "30 Rock" despite the presence of Tina Fey -- it's good. Real good.

"Suck it, monkeys, I'm goin' corporate!" was an awesome LOL line.

Paul said...

'"In 2008, it is embarrassing for us to be debating evolution,'' (Steve) Geller said.'

I think that pretty much says it all.

b80vin said...

Hey Paul, I understand your point, but that is exactly what the ID crowd want to hear. Evolution is beyond debate. It's not-Punctuated Equilibrium, anyone? Aspects of evolution are debated all the time, and since science can not definitively rule out ANYTHING, there will always be room for argument. It's just that argument has to fall under the discipline of science, which no current hypothesis has been successful at doing. There is debate within evolutionary science, outside there is only non-imaginative speculation masquerading as an equal idea.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason not to tell people I was born and raised in Florida. Sheesh.


winged unicorn said...

Gainesville, home of UF. [sigh]

when my 1st born was in 9th grade, about 4 years ago, a fellow student blew something or other up (a gabage can?). no one was hurt, no significant property damage (think god for both) asked where he'd gotten the information to put together the explosive, he mentioned their high school chem teacher, a great favorite among the kidds because he MADE SCIENCE INTERESTING. can you guess the rest of the story?

yeah, let's hear it for Intelligent Desn and science teachers that do NOT encourage their kids to experiment, learn, question, challenge. hip hip hooray.

i SO look forward to the day i can say: i USED to live in floriduh.