Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Listening Post

Somewhere between Dirty Vegas and Faithless lies a band called Syntax.

They lasted just a couple of years and recorded only one album -- Meccano Mind, back in 2003 -- but it was a pretty memorable effort.

Here's a DIY video for a song I never seem to get tired of listening to: Pride.


Christine said...

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you like Syntax, I just haven't met anyone else that even knows about them. For reasons I can't quite explain, my brain has come up with an entire choreographed dance to Destiny... something that looks like a cross between hip-hop/breakdancing and Cirque du Soleil. I haven't decided how I'm going to make this happen yet.

Aike said...

Huh, haven't heard that in ages. Thanks for that.

That song always reminded me of simple minds for some reason, especially the good news from the other side stuff.

Glenn said...

thanks Chez, never heard this before that i remember, and me likey