Monday, April 28, 2008

Listening Post

While digging through a box filled with old clothes over the weekend, I came across a Public Enemy t-shirt, from the Fear of a Black planet tour -- the one during which I was lucky enough to interview Chuck D and a pre-VH1-embarrassment Flavor Flav.

Putting it on took me back to a time when hip-hop mattered.

Here's the unstoppable PE, with Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane -- Burn Hollywood Burn.


Al said...

Big friggin' amen to THAT...from recording 'Channel Zero' to becoming it. Damn shame.

Richard said...

You interviewed Chuck D for the Pacesetter?

dick_gozinia said...

The fact that Ice Cube went from NWA to starring in tripe like "Are We There Yet?" and perpetuated stereotypes in the Friday franchise is the biggest shame of this whole song.

Think you'd ever see Chuck D playing a criminal in "I Got the Hook Up"? No, because the man has integrity.