Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Listening Post

As you know, I consider Madonna to be little more than a pathetic joke these days -- an arrogant, faux-dignified self-parody who's amusingly raging against the dying of cultural relevancy (and turning an entire song over to Justin Timberlake only confirms this).

But she hasn't always been.

For a little while there, in the mid to late-90s, she hit the sweet spot where she wasn't an annoying bubble-gum kid anymore, but neither was she Disco Granny. Bedtime Stories and its follow-up, Ray of Light, were pure genius -- displaying a level of class, maturity and intensity I wasn't sure Madge could muster.

As far as I'm concerned, this evocative video is one of the crowning achievements of her long and admittedly impressive career. It's near-perfect in every way: the song was written by Bjork, and is the sort of thing you can practically close your eyes and languidly float away on; the video was directed by visual marksman Mark Romanek; and Madonna has seriously never sounded or looked better.

This is Bedtime Story.


VOTAR said...


It's hitting.

Where's the Vicks?

Nicole said...

You put Madge in the Listening Post?

That just made my tarry, black little heart so happy.

firedmyass said...

Once again, you are dead on in your ability to express why something (that a lot of people would dismiss) is pure awesome.

Friends bust on me for owning Bedtime Stories, and refuse to even give it a chance. Fuck 'em.

Amii said...

I love your listening post so much. I've allowed Madonna to fly under my radar for as long as she's been singing, but you and my son have shown me her talent.

I won't link you, because you probably don't allow it, but the next time you are on YouTube, take a listen to That 1 Guy - Buttmachine. This song brings me great joy, and I think it's even worthy of your evolved taste.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's because we're from different generations, but i don't quite feel the vibe of floating away as i do the anxiety of shopping at express.

but then, the whole genre could've been commandeered by the man. who knows.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 97% of the time which doesn't happen to me much. Good to know someone out there has my voice... just far more eloquent.