Friday, April 25, 2008

Listening Post: Devil's Horns Edition

It's Friday and, as Pat Boone once infamously said, I'm in a metal mood -- so let's bust out a couple of truly unexpected pleasures.

First up, I'll make a confession: I'm a die-hard Motley Crue fan. Say what you will about them, the Crue pretty much are rock 'n roll. They've been through it all: Spectacular fucking albums (Dr. Feelgood), crap albums (Theater of Pain), debaucherous excess, alcoholism, drug overdoses, celebrity wives, break-ups, lineup changes and side projects -- they've even managed to survive Vince Neil's seemingly unstoppable trek down the road to has-been oblivion as part of VH-1's insipid "Celebreality."

Motley Crue's spent almost three decades enduring all of this and more, and yet they're still a damn good band. In fact, all that hard living has given them the kind of grizzled look and feel that they were always going for as kids, but what now -- in middle-age -- seems unforced and realistically bad-ass.

Their new single sounds, at times, quite a bit like Shout at the Devil. And even though it treads a lot of familiar territory (both for the Crue and for metal in general), it's easily the best thing they've released in about 15 years.

Here's Saints of Los Angeles.

Next up, a decent band that probably wouldn't raise too many eyebrows were it not for their lead singer. For some reason, no one seems to know about these guys and just who the powerful voice is behind them. Suffice to say, as vanity projects go -- this one's an absolute shocker.

If you don't know who Wicked Wisdom are, watch the video -- and if you still haven't figured out who the woman at the mic is by the end, click the comment page to find out.

This is Bleed All Over Me.


Chez said...

Yup, that's Jada Pinkett Smith

BV said...

I saw Wicked Wisdom at a show once and I never thought a woman who stands maybe 5'1" tall could make that kind of noise.

Joshua said...

Wow - good on her. Not what I would have expected, muscically, from the caporegime of the Will Smith, Inc. machine.

That Motley Crue song is just all kinds of overwrought stupidity, though. Their brand of dumb only works (in the loosest sense) when they're not pretending that their ridiculously simplistic lyrics are somehow deep, or, you know, good.

firedmyass said...

Did they write the music for Queen of the Damned? Because this sounds exactly like the music from Queen of the Damned.

Also: vampires.

slouchmonkey said...

Yep, Jada's been a metal fan for a long time.

Second, Tommy Lee is a great rock drummer. One of the best, I think.

Too Fast and Shout are great albums, however when they went all "glammy" (scientific term) with Theatre of Pain they started to suck. But, Bob Rock brought it all back with the Feelgood.

Happy Friday!

VOTAR said...

The Crue song reminds me of Girls Girls Girls, in that it's a lot of night-club name dropping and "hey look at us, we're doing all that crazy rock n roll stuff you've come to expect us to do from the image we've manufactured." I've always thought that was rather clumsy and obvious of them. Does that lifestyle still even exist out there?

Hex said...

Love me some Wicked Wisdom. The drummer used to be in Fishbone. They get pretty loose live -- lots of fun.

Good picks, bro.

Richard said...

MOTLEY CRUE BITCHES!! See you in Palm Beach!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, JPS truly "rawks"! I read a quote by her that she's a huge Tool fan, so her coolness factor is way up there.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Wicked Wisdom has really evolved--don't forget they were the opening act for Britney Spears' last tour back in the day. The first song of theirs I heard was "Taste Your Fruit" which sounds kind of like Beyonce fronting Tool, but Jada's really turned into a good metal singer.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, those Crües have been trying to grow some balls -- not more than 6 among the four of them. But still, and still kinda awkward they insist in the visual-lifestyle thing.

Of course Jada is a huge tool fan. She married Will Smith.