Friday, April 04, 2008

Get Your Cyl-On

No, this is not in line with my promise to be back at full strength, but I'd be neglecting my responsibility to humanity, my beloved Starbuck and good godsdamn television if I didn't remind everyone that the final season of Battlestar Galactica premieres tonight at 10pm on Sci-fi.

Frakking be there.


Blenderab said...

That's right baby.... BSG is back!!! WOOO HOOOO!

It's FRAKING 'bout time too... (SO SAY WE ALL!)

Time to get your 'six' on!

If anyone is looking for me around 9PM central time, I'll be 'Tigh-ing' one on!

melissa said...

Oh, I've missed you. And now that Sci-Fi is broadcast in HD, I no longer begrudge the husband his purchase of the excessively large TV or the surround sound.

VOTAR said...


Yeah, I know. Old Skool.

Anonymous said...


Ever since you started bookmarking youtube videos on ur blog :) (I Know you are busy with your book), your blog loads very slowly in firefox. and responds slowly to my mouse clicks. Just thought I will bring that to ur attention.

Hope to see more content on your blog when your book is all done.

Good luck

LaRoach said...

That pic reminds me of The Last Supper.

Al said...

So, the eternal debate....which is the finest - er, "most talented" BSGBabe?

- Kara
- Boomer
- Number 6
- Roslyn (POCILF?)
- Other?

For my $0.02, Kara can be irresistible enough to offset that "but she's batshit crazy" factor. Boomer, on the other hand, is simply delectable.


amy said...

He's almost always linked to YouTube, at least for as I've been reading DEM, and I'm seeing no more than normal page-load times.

Also, for people who are saying things like, "Wow, Chez, your blog sucks lately. Not doing much with your time, eh?" : you haven't been reading very long, have you? :) There's always been peaks and valleys to Chez's posts. Depends on how busy his life is.

And, Chez- did you know that SciFi is airing each episode on its website every Friday at noon? Everyone in my office was crammed into my boss' office watching it today at lunch. I, unfortunately, could not join them, as I am still trying to finish S2.


Riles said...

Oh, I can't wait for BSG tonight. I'm watching the season 3 marathon at work right now to get all caught up.

VOTAR said...


Kara, too hard;
Six, too tall (but I'd still try to hit it);
Laura, too likely to be displeased with your performance and have you thrown out an airlock;

But it doesn't matter, because,
It is not even debatable!

Jeff said...

So, do you think kara is the twelfth? One of my favorite shows and a brand new book. It will be a fun spring.

Chez said...

If she is, I'm looking for some hot Cyl-on Cylon action between her and Sharon.

Either way, I'm always more than willing to stand in the middle of a field naked and yell, "My name is Chez Pazienza, and I LOVE KARA THRACE!"

TomR said...

Thank the gods, it HAS been too frakkin' long... "so say we all!"

Deacon Blue said...

Votar, thanks very much for the pic of Grace Park on your blog. God is good. ;-)

Sadly, there is no frakking way my little girl was gonna let me watch this, nor any part of the season in any regular fashion. I'm still trying to catch up on Season 3 through Netflix. Oh, well, in another year give or take I can see the final season.