Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Touch Me I'm Sick

A few days ago, the weekend Today show upped the ante in the news media's ongoing competition to find the most imaginative way to scare the hell out of you for no good reason. The show did a segment on a dangerous new condition supposedly rearing its ugly head on America's college campuses:


According to a visibly shaken Amy Robach, the "disease" affects mostly young women -- leading them to skip meals during the day as a means of conserving calories so that they can spend their nights indulging in guilt-free drinking. For years you've known women who do this sort of thing by their more common name: "One Night Stands." But apparently what looks to the untrained eye like your average stupid drunk chick is in reality a sick little lamb crying out for help; lest you doubt this assessment, Today even brought in a camera-ready psychologist to attest to the breadth of the pandemic.

Which means you can now count the days until commercials for "Vodkalax, the only FDA-greased medication for the treatment of drunkorexia" begin popping up all over prime time TV.

So with that in mind -- the fear-mongering media's disease addiction as a potential platform from which to make a name for myself -- I offer up a few new combo-conditions sure to capture the attention of an already terrified nation.

All of these are real, because I said so, and all are very, very dangerous.

1. Restless Erectile Misfortune

Painful condition characterized by inability to deny desire for sexual gratification, often leading to regular placement of penis into precarious situations with little regard for consequences. Inevitable outcome includes career suicide, loss of family, respect, status, 401k, the eternal gratitude of late-night comedy writers.

Treatment: Taser belt, venereal disease, opposition congress

See: Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Gary Hart

Immune: Frenchmen

2. Osamnia

Severe anxiety disorder which manifests itself in irrational fear of potential terrorist attacks, leading to lack of sleep (news media excluded), loss of appetite, election of GOP candidates and willingness to believe that a 3AM phone call to Barack Obama will start a chain reaction that will end in the deaths of your children.

Treatment: Capturing Osama bin Laden would be a start.

See: Kansas

Immune: Anyone with an IQ above that of a lamp shade

3. Cynic Fibrosis (Carlin's Disease)

Highly contagious condition typically found among elderly men; manifests itself in random outbursts of bitter indignation, extended rants regarding personal solutions to global problems, outright dismissal of anyone under the age of 40, dinner table dissertations on time spent "fighting Jerry," threats of physical violence if neighborhood kids don't get off lawn.

Treatment: Let nature take its course.

See: Your grandfather

Immune: No one ("Just you wait til you're my age sonny!")

4. "Santos" Intolerance

Severe anxiety disorder characterized by constant and irrational fear of Mexicans, often leading to ludicrous demagoguery, fascist rhetoric, nightly CNN show. Inevitable outcome may include mysterious unsolved death by lawn-care tools.

Treatment: Low ratings, sudden emergence of half-Mexican child with large orange head, righteous hand of God

See: Lou Dobbs, Tom Tancredo

Immune: Around 44.3 million Americans

5. Bushlemia

Sometimes diagnosed as "Bush Derangement Syndrome" (in red states only), painful and debilitating disease characterized by uncontrollable urge to vomit profusely in reaction to voice, sight, or mere mention of George W. Bush. If left untreated, illness can lead to thoughts of suicide, relocation to Canada, terminal cocktail party conversations with irritating New York pseudo-intellectuals, enrollment in Screen Actor's Guild.

Treatment: Conversation with Dick Cheney in which he uses "the dark side of the force," waterboarding

Immune: NASCAR ticket-holders, Jack Abramoff, Jesus

(A Note to the Media: Remember that I am the official expert on each of these diseases, therefore I expect to be called upon to participate in any on-air discussion involving one or all of them. I'll be waiting for your call, Today show.)


BV said...

I thought it was called "binge drinking". Whether you choose to eat or not is your business? Less chunk in the puke, though.

sparksinner said...

Are you saying Frenchmen are immune because they have no sex drive? Or are they like Typhoid Mary, carrying the disease without the consequences you list?

zambonigirl said...

3. Cynic Fibrosis (Carlin's Disease)

So...they went from not trusting anyone over 30 to not trusting anyone under 40? Interesting...

Amy said...

This post so entertained me that I reposted it in MY l.l.l.lame blog (with a link of course.)

Graphix468 said...

That was brilliant!

Steph said...

I'm still snickering. I've been reading your blog for only a couple of days and I can't stop this crazy giggling. Good Work!

Incoherent Mess said...

Very entertaining. It seems like no one nowadays have accountability. It's someone else's fault or some faux illness.

Your blog keeps me sane at work. Without it, I would suffer from Cubicle-itis.

Nancy said...

Aha! I'd been wondering what ailed my husband since he turned 60 -- nothing less than Cynic Fibrosis! Thanks for clarifying.

n, np

Doesn't play well with others said...

I came down with a case of Bushlemia, I got rid of it with a strong dose of Republicillin.

PS nice Singles reference.

winged unicorn said...

i owe my stunning figure to bushlemia.

lakelady said...

Carlin's Disease - brilliant!

all great but that was the best yet

Anonymous said...

Get of lawn, huh?


That Girl said...

...What they're calling "drunkorexia," I call "drinking your calories at night."

If you don't eat too much during the day, but then indulge in something greasy like bacon before you go out, you can drink a lot more and get neither fat or too drunk.

Ahh, the benefits of a $50,000 a year education.

gin said...

Thank you so much. What a public service. You have put a name to my pain, sir, and I Thank You. Now I understand the chronic symptoms of Bushlemia and recognize that I am a victim of this disease. I'm supposed to sit back and take no responsibility for my actions now, right?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, drunkorexia. I had that in college too, not because I was trying to conserve calories but because I was trying to conserve money so I could buy more beer!