Monday, March 10, 2008

Listening Post

It's not perfect, but quite a bit of this homemade video works surprisingly well.

It features my TV obsession (Battlestar Galactica) set to one of the best singles (One Man Army) from one of the few damn good straightforward rock bands left (Our Lady Peace).


Stephen said...

When are you going to feature the Mavericks?

Seriously...Rossington/Collins Band...freaking awesome.

Amy said...

It's not too long till MORE BSG. I can't wait. I was actually debating watching them all again before the final season premiers.

Gotta love Netflix.

Carla said...

I nearly wet myself when I saw this. No one understands my obsession with this show.

Angela Lucier said...

Can't say I watch the show, but OLP is my favorite band of all time.