Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Not Over Til It's Not Over

I can't say I always agree with Andrew Sullivan, but he wrote a hell of a dead-on article about the Clinton campaign for yesterday's Sunday Times.

Do yourself a favor and take a look.

(The Sunday Times: The Clintons a Horror Film that Never Ends/3.9.08)


BV said...

You want "zombie"? Try reading Giving. What a snooze!!!!

Aaron X said...

The Monster: A Loyal Clinton Soldier Turns in His Badge

[She has no idea.

She has no idea how many times I defended her. How many right-leaning friends and relatives I battled with. How many times I played down her shady business deals and penchant for scandals -- whether it was Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, Cattle Futures, Web Hubbell, or Norman Hsu. She has no idea how frequently I dismissed her husband's serial adultery as an unfortunate trait of an otherwise brilliant man. For sixteen years, I was a proud soldier in the legion of "Clinton apologists" -- who believed that peace and prosperity were more important than regrettable personality traits.

And then she ran for president.

After seven years of George W. Bush, America is hungry for change. Big change. And let's face it -- Hillary Clinton, the party standard-bearer and former White House denizen -- isn't it. But even after voters coalesced around Barack Obama, handing him eleven straight primaries (twelve, if you count Vermont), she refused to accept the possibility -- though math, money and momentum were clearly against her -- that the Bush/Clinton Family Band might not be #1 on America's Billboard chart anymore.

So, rather than step aside and become the hero of her party, she made a strategy decision to go negative in advance of Ohio and Texas. Not just negative -- personal. She cynically chided Mr. Obama's message of hope. She played the victim card. The gender card. The Muslim card. She cried "shame on you, Barack Obama" for his campaign tactics, while (if we're to believe Matt Drudge) simultaneously floating a picture of him in Somali garb to stir up questions of his patriotism.

She accused Mr. Obama of his own shady business deals (the irony of which nearly ripped a hole in the fabric of space/time). She accused him of being two-faced on NAFTA, when it was her campaign that had winked at the Canadians. She demanded that he "reject" the endorsement of Louis Farrakhan, but remained silent when Rush Limbaugh stirred up votes for her in Texas. And she crafted the now-infamous "3am" attack ad -- which used scare tactics to highlight Senator Obama's perceived lack of experience in foreign affairs. Straight out of the ol' Atwater/Rove playbook. Of course, all of this paled in comparison to her husband's patronizing, racially insensitive comments earlier in the primary season.]

Boo said...

That is the scariest fucking picture I have ever seen in my entire life.

autoeditor said...

You know what's really crazy? Even after she loses this nomination she still will not have gone away. Even after this election cycle, she'll be back again.

Duane said...

Wow, I'm truly surprised by the amount of hate for this couple. Maybe I'm not looking closely enough. Maybe I don't see Obama as the savior of our nation. Maybe I've been in politics long enough to know that "they" are all the same. Eliot Spitzer, anyone?

I'll be happy to support Obama should he win. Better than McCain. But I don't buy into the whole Clinton's are evil myth. They might both be drama queens. But we had some good years under Bill's leadership. I'm sure Hillary would helm similar success. To me, the backlash seems to stem more from childish pride than anything else. Obama supporters seem more likely to drank the cool-aid and are angry with those who refuse.

autoeditor said...

I don't think it's an either/or situation. I hate the Clintons but I don't love Obama, he's got a lot to learn. But check out something like "No One Left To Lie To" and you'll see why people hate this conniving, machiavellian two-headed beast. (Remember at the time, Hitchens was not the wacky neocon he has become, he was the darling of the left at the time and even he couldn't stand them. With good reason.)

Aaron X said...

"That Way Maddness Lies," said Keith Olbermann on MSNBC in reference to what the Clinton campaign is doing, transforming itself into the Republican wing of the Democratic Party in this election.

Some more Oberman quotes in reference to Ferraro and the Clinton campaign.

"Cheap ignorant vile racism"

"Awash in this filth"

"You must reject and denounce Geraldine Ferraro."

God I love Keith.

Immediately afterwards on Dan Abrams, where they were discussing this issue, that no class racist piece of shit Pat Buchanan, told the African-American woman commentator Keli Goff, to "shut up."

Buchanan is a punk-ass-bitch.

Keith Olbermann drinks Hillary's milkshake. :-)

Countdown Special Comment: Sen. Clinton, “This is not a campaign strategy. This is a suicide pact.”