Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hall of Lame

Apparently employing a definition of "rock and roll" that's as loose as the inductee herself, last night the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame granted Madonna a place among its ostensibly hallowed ranks.

She was introduced (read: lionized) by none other than Justin Timberlake -- another performer who's got rock cred to spare, as long as you believe that rock and roll is something that can easily be bought in the vintage-T section of Fred Segal.

Sorry kids, not even a surreal shout-out from Iggy & the Stooges can make Madonna anything more than the longest-lasting pop culture PR stunt in history.

In a related item, there's this:

(Daily Goss: Madonna Fears She May Die Onstage)

Well, you know -- wherever.


Michael J. West said...

Considering that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself is only "rock and roll" by the loosest definition of the term, putting Madonna there seems entirely in character to me.

tony said...

There's not a lot of Madonna music that I really like save for the Bedtime Stories album and one of my favorite remixes of all time, Kruder and Dorfmeister's version of "Nothing Really Matters". But you can't deny that she has sold a shitload of records, isn't that all it takes to get in?

Stephen said...

They should place a playback of Quentin Tarantino's "Like a Virgin" speech from Reservoir Dogs on the information kiosk in front of her cone shaped bustier and fake mole.
The Ventures and the Dave Clark 5 should sue the induction committee.


Nightmare said...

I loved her porn book...like Ron White says..."once you see one chicks boobs....you pretty much want to see the rest of them".

Heywood J. said...

Oh, PR stunt. I misread that line at first. My bad. You see, I instantly assumed -- oh, never mind.

Panic attacks. Hilarious. It's not that the RoRHoF, as much of a joke as it is, might expect Madge to leave her increasingly Carrot Top-like props and her karaoke machine and the dance troupe at home and, you know, play music live. Nope. She's "panicking" -- probably at the idea of playing for less than six figures.

And yeah, she's about as "rock and roll" as Liberace's sequined cape.

Richard said...

Maybe Lil John and Lil Wayne can be next.

the doctor said...

I will be lobbying for p diddy to get in by 2010 and then pitbull for the 2015 class

Amy said...

I finally saw this, and I must say I really enjoyed both the speeches by Justin and Madonna. However. Iggy Pop.. good god. Not a good choice I think to represent Madonna.

And I don't believe her line about losing a heal.