Friday, March 28, 2008

Dead Star Twilight: The Soundtrack

As I mentioned last week, on Tuesday, April 8th, I'll be making my memoir, Dead Star Twilight, available for download from this site. (For those who've sent me emails commenting on the lack of "quality" content here at DXM recently, the final preps for the book's release are to blame. Oh yeah, and tough shit.)

I've already gone over the basics of what's featured in the book: that year-and-a-half period of my life, the timeline, the players, etc. What I haven't really gotten into though, is one of the most important components of the story.

The music.

It should surprise no one to learn that throughout my little ordeal -- as it did in the years leading up to, and has in the years since -- music played an invaluable role in helping me to cope, marking certain moments, conveying my emotions better than I ever could and complementing the situations I found myself in and the moods they elicited.

I know I'm not the only person who believes that life has a soundtrack, and since the memoir is a slice of my life -- a stretch of time that was equal parts agonizing and exhilarating -- it has what amounts to its own score.

The book either mentions outright or indirectly references a number of bands and songs, and so, over the next week-and-a-half -- leading up to April 8th -- I'll be publishing a series of special Listening Posts which feature the music of Dead Star Twilight.

Hope they help add to your enjoyment of the story.

Here's the first (and please remember that the videos won't always be spectacular; I'm just interested in the music):

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Shuffle Your Feet (The only song of the series not featured in the story itself. For some reason, this is always what comes to mind as I go back over the opening chapter. Sure it's self-indulgent, but isn't writing a memoir to begin with?)

Underworld -- Pearl's Girl

Supreme Beings of Leisure -- Never the Same

Morphine -- All Wrong/Whisper

Moby -- God Moving Over the Face of the Waters


dick_gozinia said...

This poses an interesting question...

If Oprah picks this for her book club, will you go on her show?

Anonymous said...

If you're really just interested in the music, may be a better way to embed these songs in your posts.

I'm looking forward to the memoir.

Boo said...

Love love love Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

And I am so looking forward to reading your memoir.

I work for a publishing company that just published someone else's memoirs--I don't know if you've tried them, but I'm in with the CEO...

so you know, if you are interested in the least, email me. :)

britta is an asshole said...

my friend ric browde's book has a soundtrack and comes with a cd. i don't know how your publishing company would feel about the extra expense of such a novelty, but it's pretty cool, so you may want to bring it up. or not...

if your curious to check it out, let me know and i'll give you his web address. one thing that just occurred to me though is that they are all his songs, so licensing costs weren't an issue.

i can't wait to read your damn book already! i'm really looking forward to it.


Bill E. said...

If you were to set up a playlist on iTunes (or, even better, AmazonMP3 if they offer the option), I would probably buy it. I'd love to hear these songs, but I'm very unlikely to either A) watch these YouTube videos, or B) bother to find the tracks individually on AmazonMP3 or iTunes.

Just sptiballin'.

Pen Dragon said...

In the unlikely event that Oprah does invite you, you should go on the show, after insisting that it be broadcast live (if that's not how she normally does it) and immediately launch into a prepared speech about how much you hate Oprah, without responding to her questions or acknowledging her audience's screams of horror.
No one watching the show will buy your book, but EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD will see the clip on YouTube and you will become a legend.

britta is an asshole said...

bill e.
an itunes playlist is an excellent idea! i'd happily download it. do it, chez!

Pixeltweaker said...

One of my videos!!! Very cool!

mike m said...

i listened to 20 seconds of each of these (except for moby, who i can't stomach) before i turned them off, sorry bro I aint feeling it. I have horrible taste in music. i buy everything frank black puts out, mostly out of habit and lack of imagination.

Shades said...

Great taste in tunes. Morphine is a great summer, drinking on the screen porch, must have. Makes me thirsty just listening to them.