Monday, March 31, 2008

Dead Star Twilight: The Soundtrack (Part 2)

More music from my full-length memoir, Dead Star Twilight, which will be available for download from this site beginning on Tuesday, April 8th.

Counting Crows -- A Long December

Poe -- Amazed

A Tribe Called Quest -- Find a Way

Elliott Smith -- Angeles

(Dead Star Twilight Soundtrack, Part 1)

(Incidentally, yes, I will be creating an iTunes playlist of all this stuff in the coming days. I'll let everyone know when it's up.)


Rick said...

Rock on. I Love every song.

Hex said...

Can't say I ever was or ever hope to be a Counting Crows fan -- but that song always gets to me.

New to the blog, but enjoying it a ton. Keep up the great work!

Erica Dee said...

I stumbled upon you through a digg post and I feel like I owe them everything, Elliot Smith was JUST what I needed to hear, and bam, my favorite song on my favorite blog.

mrmook said...

Thanks for the choices and good luck with the book.

and take your time.