Thursday, February 21, 2008

You Name It

Now that I've become the Paris Hilton of the blogging world -- flavor-of-the-week famous for essentially dubious reasons -- I'm going to need an official title. You know what I'm talking about because you've heard some variation on the central theme for years: a couple of descriptive words which, once decided upon, will spread like wildfire and eventually be applied by every single media outlet, every time the subject in question is referenced.

Think about how many times you've heard the following: "Deposed Panamanian Strongman Manuel Noriega," "Radical Anti-American Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr," "Troubled British Rocker Pete Doherty," "America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani" (on Fox only) -- hell, back in the 80s, Dave Barry joked that financially troubled Eastern Airlines would at some point change its name, officially, to "Financially Troubled Eastern Airlines," so often and invariably was that particular descriptor used in news reports.

So, understanding the basics of how this works -- it's generally, though not always, an adjective-adjective-noun combination -- I invite you to be the first to create a title that'll be used in press reports about yours truly from this point forward.

Feel free to be as cute, creative, ridiculous, or outright mean as you'd like.

A few ideas to get you started, beginning with the most obvious and working our way down into oblivion:

1. Disgraced Former CNN Producer Chez Pazienza

2. Recently Fired Media Darling Chez Pazienza

3. Bad Boy Blogger Chez Pazienza

4. Ex-CNN Nobody and Recovering Alcoholic Chez Pazienza

5. Disgruntled Pathetic So-and-So Chez Pazienza

6. Writer, TV Insider and Former NAMBLA President Chez Pazienza

7. Misanthropic Cyber-Celebutard Chez Pazienza

8. The Arist Formerly Known as Chez Pazienza

9. Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Chez Pazienza

10. American Idol Reject Chez Pazienza

11. O.J.'s Houseguest Chez Pazienza

12. Big Purple Dinosaur Chez Pazienza

13. OTVIII Scientologist Chez Pazienza

14. Slain Tejano Singing Sensation Chez Pazienza

15. William Murderface, Murderface, Murderface Chez Pazienza

16. Scandal-Plagued Former Televangelist Chez Pazienza

17. Sa Da Tay Sayin' Baddy Daddy Lamatai Tabby Chai Chez Pazienza

18. Recently Released South African Anti-Apartheid Civil Rights Activist Chez Pazienza

19. Moustachioed 70s Porn Legend Chez Pazienza

20. Chip Pazoanus

Good luck kids!


Paul said...

Oprah Fan Club President Chez Pazienza

logan5 said...

Real Estate Tycoon and Millionaire Playboy Chez Pazienza

Jaypee said...

Chizzle Pazizzle :)

Anonymous said...

oh you've got to be kidding me- this is great!

Unsung Hero said...

Zealot and L. Ron Hubbard look-alike Chez Paziena

M. said...

Former Limelight all-star Chez Pazienza.

VOTAR said...

Runaway Bride Chez Pazienza

Ed Holden said...

Chez, I hate to be practical when there's so much fun to be had with this, but I think the most likely moniker is "Fired CNN blogger Chez Paziena."

Wow, that sounds boring. Your suggestions were a lot more fun. But I think I'll ultimately win the prize for guessing it correctly. (What's the prize again?)

Nathan said...

Rumored John McCain Paramour Chez Pazienza.

VOTAR said...

West Virginia Gun Enthusiast Chez Pazienza

trish said...

Blaxploitation Film Pioneer Chez Pazienza

achilles3 said...


Anonymous said...

White man's Al Sharpton wanna-be Chez Pazienza :)

Anonymous said...

Little boy lovin' Chez Pazienza...


VOTAR said...

Ecuadorian Drug Lord Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Ax grinding ass junkie Chez Pazienza...


em said...

Former Playboy Playmate-Guess Model-Reality TV-Star-Diet Pill Spokesperson Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

The employable, but difficult Chez Pazienza...

Man, this is fun.//c

Agent Scully said...

Presidential Nominee Chez Pazienza?

VOTAR said...

America's Sweetheart Chez Pazienza

VOTAR said...

13th Level Lawful Evil Drow Elf Sulatar Sorcerer Chez Pazienza

Maxine Dangerous said...

Publicly-Scorned Baby Daddy Chez Pazienza

Third World Dictator and Slinky Enthusiast Chez Pazienza

Former Gay-for-Pay Porn Star Chez Pazienza

The Always Minty Fresh Chez Pazienza

King Z in Triplicate Chez Pazienza

Professional Love Triangle Instigator Chez Pazienza

Okay, I should get back to work now. :)

Anonymous said...

Blogger and Hurricane Survivor Chez Pazienza. It has gravitas!

kanye said...

Plus-Sized Model and Celebrity Fitness Expert Chez Pazienza

Ex "Different Strokes" Star Chez Pazienza

Two-Time Brain Donor Chez Pazienza

"To Catch a Predator" Veteran Chez Pazienza

Paul said...

Former Secretary for the Rev. Al Sharpton Chez Pazienza

VOTAR said...

Chez Pazienza,
now with a drop of Retzin (tm).


Paul said...

Pat O'Brien's illegitimate son's transvestite lover Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Votar Plagiarizer Chez Pazienza

John said...

Disillusioned Play-Doh Sculptor Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Chez Pazienza, apply directly to the forehead
Chez Pazienza, apply directly to the forehead
Chez Pazienza, apply directly to the forehead
Chez Pazienza, apply directly to the forehead

Anonymous said...

Underwear-shunning Celebutante Chez Pazienza

-Rob in Calgary

kanye said...

Harvey Levin of the East Coast Chez Pazienza

Beefy Ex-Marine Chez Pazienza

James Walcott Wanna-be Chez Pazienza

Chufflicking Media Trogladyte Chez Pazienza

Smurf Aficionado and Known Votar Associate Chez Pazienza

Thomas said...


Dani said...

Only a control freak would try to come up with his own moniker - let it happen naturally! :-)

My vote: CFC = Control Freak Chez

Al said...

Former Goatse model Chez Pazienza.

Blogger and E.D. sufferer Chez Pazienza.

That guy....from that blog....Chaz Somethingorotherenza.

Inigo Montoya lookalike Chez Pazienza.

That fscking piece of sh!t Chez Pazienza.

David Crosby's son with Melissa Ethridge Chez Pazienza.

Adam said...

New Media Firebrand Chez Pazienza

Blogging Sensation Chez Pazienza

Too Liberal for TV Production Chez Pazienza

Internet Golden Boy Chez Pazienza

Blogger's Rights Activist Chez Pazienza

Part of a Balanced Breakfast Chez Pazienza

Il Duce Chez Pazienza

Former Marxist Revolutionary Chez Pazienza

Sultan of Swat Chez Pazienza

Ex-Ministry of Truth Worker Chez Pazienza

Five-time World Figure Skating Champion Chez Pazienza

One-time Ping Pong demigod Chez Pazienza

Former Slayer Frontman Chez Pazienza

Sarah Jessica Parker's ex-lover Chez Pazienza

Deuce of Spades Chez Pazienza

Future Liz Phair Sex Toy Chez Pazienza

Stone Cold Chez Pazienza

This is too much fun, I could go on all day.

Sean said...

Sanjaya Fan Club President Chez Pazienza

Future Dancing With the Stars Winner Chez Pazienza

O'Reilly-Enthusiast Blogger Chez Pazienza

Perez Hilton-Wannabe Blogger Chez Pazienza (sorry, that was mean.)

Aspiring Red-Carpet Interviewer Chez Pazienza

Jayne said...

I suppose this means you are no longer simply "Jayne's husband and baby-daddy, Chez Pazienza"?

Nathan said...

You know, that guy who stole Steadman from Oprah...Chez Pazienza.

Paul said...

Katie Sackhoff Personal Assistant Chez Pazienza

VOTAR said...

Golf clap to adam for "stone cold..."

I nearly shit my pants laughing out loud at that one!


Anonymous said...

That brain damaged, rehabbed fire crotch, Chez Pazienza

None of which is how I would describe you personally, dear heart, but be prepared!!!

Anonymous said...

That dude that Leif Garrett crippled

Nicole said...

Chez, I think you beat us to all of the good ones. Damn you!

sparksinner said...

In addition to Chez's blog, I also like to blow productive work time at the Onion A.V. Club. The worst thing you can call someone there:

Hipster Douchebag Chez Pazienza

Excuse me while I whip this out:

Teutonic Twat Chez Pazienza

All the best to you Chez.

Glenn said...

Bagdad Bob's former producer Chez

Intern prophet blogger Chez

Fleshbot addict Chez

Future Food Network Iron Chef Chez

Former Republican Pedophile Manager

Chez Chez bo bez, bananna fanna fo fez, me my mo mez, chez

X-Marine gay blogger for Bush/Cnn producer chez

VOTAR said...

Self-made millionaire, Tom Vu protoge, and work-from-home financial guru Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Ron Jeremy Stunt Double Chez Pazienza

LowSea said...

Former U.N Secretary General Boutrous Boutrous Pazienza

lakelady said...

Journalistic miscreant and music afficionado Chez Pazienza

unemployed expectant father Chez Pazienza

Chez who?

Jayne said...

Ew- no! THAT one (Ron Jeremy Stunt Double Chez Pazienza) I can't handle!!! Chez, sweetie, if I can't get that out of my head, you're sleeping alone tonight.

Dawn said...

How about:

Former corporate slave Chez Pazienza

The recently-liberated Chez Pazienza

Militant mocker Chez Pazienza

Manny said...

Perez Hilton Successor Chez Pazienza

Luchador Champ turned Blogger Chez Pazienza

No XBox Live Having Loser Chez Pazienza (just get it already, man)

Talented writer turned hack blogger Chez Pazienza

Lou Dobbs Paramour Chez Pazienza

Penis Implant Mold Model Chez Pazienza

Italian Lothario turned baby daddy Chez Pazienza (try to say that one with a straight face, let alone type it)

Anonymous said...

Guy Named "Chez" Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

"Voice of a Generation"

Jayne said...

Italian restaurant "Chez Pazienza"

Vermillion said...

Two by two, hands of blue Chez Pazienza

Anne Coulter's filthy wet dream Chez Pazienza

Jayne's current boytoy Chez Pazienza

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Chez Pazienza

70s Disco King Chez Pazienza

Big Daddy Chez Pazienza

Crack Counter-Terrorism Team Chez Pazienza Six

Van Damme stunt double Chez Pazienza

Slap and Tickle Me Chez Pazienza (with realistic flipping-off action)

No Country for Chez Pazienza

Pump up the Chez Pazienza

Chez Pazienza 2: Electric Boogaloo

Perpetually Smug Photo Taker Chez Pazienza

jen said...

CNN's ex-Whipping Boy, Blogging's Own Poster Boy, the King of Snark Himself, Chez Pazienza

Suzy said...

The M41A Pulse Rifle formerly known as Chez.

MJG said...

Reformed media whore Chez Pazienza

Go ahead, have Wolf introduce you as that and watch him choke!

Alex said...

Chez "sick o' the bullshit" Pazienza

"Ex CNN and media whore" Chez Pazienza

I got nothing.

Fuck it Chez, you did this for years for them, who's better at this, than you my friend? I like all your choices better

good luck!


slouchmonkey said...

Hater of all things corporate, Chez Pazienza.

Bitch choker, Chez Pazienza.

Adam Baldwin stalker, Chez Pazienza.

Oprah's doppleganger minus the cash, Chez Pazienza.

Mickey Mouse blogger, Chez Pazienza.

Assless chaps enthusiast, Chez Pazienza.

M. said...

You're the Chez now, dog.

M. said...

Latino she-male of Pay-Per-View fame Chez Pazienza.

John said...

How about "Real Life Optimus Prime?"

...that or "Holocaust Survivor."

Anonymous said...

Purple Monkey Dishwasher Chez Pazienza

Sheriff Bart said...

Frowned Upon When Mentioned at Dinner Chez Pazienza

Master of Time Space and Dimension Chez Pazienza

Chris Hansen's Executive Fluffer Chez Pazienza

Waterboarding Enthusiast Chez Pazienza

Gone Shrimpin' Chez Pazienza

VOTAR said...

DJ Pazzy Chez and the Fresh Prince

Anonymous said...

I always liked Pajama-clad, cat-toting blogger but that's too general I guess. How about Man fired by CNN for Blogging

Anonymous said...

Jayne's unemployed ex, Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

how about...

Sheriff Bart said...

Always Smells like Bacon Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

or how about just:
"fuck this...Chez Pazienza".

Anonymous said...

the man who fucked CNN...Chez Pazienza....

Anonymous said...

Why mess with perfection? Just me

John said...

Main stream media black sheep Chez Pazienza

Soon to be working in McDonald's Chez Pazienza

Wouldn't be a problem if we didn't fire him Chez Pazienza

Soon to be bought off Chez Pazienza

Will drop pants for money Chez Pazienza

Drunken malcontent and lecher Chez Pazienza

A surprisingly good sport Chez Pazienza

Larry said...

* The Right Honorable Chez Pazienza
* Clearly Delusional Chez Pazienza
* Carrot Top Inspiration Chez Pazienza
* Hey Isn't That Chez Pazienza - or alternatively Who The Hell Is Chez Pazienza
* Big In Japan Chez Pazienza

Paul said...

Breakdancing legend and Soul Brother Number One Chez Pazienza

Gotham City Insider said...

Ice T's fine ass wife, Chez.

dick_gozinia said...

Renegade Blogger and Firefly Apologist Chez Pazianza.

Professional Asshat Chez Pazienza

Future Father, Current Child Chez Pazienza

Former Replacements Fan Club President and current music snob Chez Pazienza

Gotham City Insider said...

The Only Man In Show Biz With More Z's Than ZZ Top Chez Pazienza

"In-famous is when you're MORE than famous. This man, Chez Pazienza, he's not just famous, he's INfamous."

"Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find... Chez Pazienza."

Or we could just go with the Seinfeldian tradition of finishing a fortune cookie message with
"... in bed" and simply go with:

Chez Pazienza... in bed.

Anonymous said...

Google News’ search Chet Panniza - did you mean: chez pazienza

Brian H said...

Embattled Attorney General Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Brittney Spears new "BFF".. Chez.
"Bloger to the rescue"...Chez

shawnstar said...

just plain ole chez might could be the next cher!

Anonymous said...

Chez Pazienza III and Chez Pazienza II's deadbeat grandfather and dad respectively - Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day..
we're doing it my way" ...Chez

Alex said...

Wait, maybe these are good ones...

Chez "will blog for Taco Bell" Pazienza

Just kidding. Better yet:

Chez "I used to be a member of the scum sucking degenerate main stream media till my conscious kicked in and allowed my balls to descend and get some credibility back and will now go onto bigger things and better days" Pazienza

or my new favorite:

Chez "Fuck This" Pazienza.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Change that to:
"It's a new dawn, it's a new day,
I'm doing it my way"....Chez

VOTAR said...



Gotham City Insider said...

"Dooced" Starring Chez Pazienza as Cheese Panini.

Verveman2k7 said...

Tiny Dancer Chez Pazienza

Al said...

WouldyoulikeChezfrieswiththat Pazienza

VOTAR said...


...and damn you vermillion for beating me to "electric boogaloo," I literally had that one written down ready to go next.

BV said... lost me once I saw the Boston hat.

Did I have you wrongly pegged as a Yankees fan this whole time?

Or are you some kind of freak who thinks he can be both?


George said...

Smokey and/or The Bandit

Anonymous said...

Power-Top =====D---- to Perez Hilton Chez Pazienza.

Anonymous said...

The real father of Katie Holms baby
Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

7. Misanthropic Cyber-Celebutard Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Dick n Bush's Bitch Pazienza..
Dick n Bush Pazienza...
Dick and Bush's prison Bitch....

Anna Nicole Smith's former drug dealer...

Blogers of the world...Welcome..
to...."Blogesphere ChezPa".

Anonymous said...

ok, this one is more for you Jayne...Chez "The Lovin Oven" Pazienza...

Sheriff Bart said...

The Armadillo in Our Trousers Chez Pazienza

And God DAMN IT! You're killing me, Votar. CHEZ BURGER FTW!

Anonymous said...

Chez "Did I do that??..Pazienza

Anonymous said...

"Always two there are, a master and an apprentice"

Sheriff Bart said...

Live Television Ass Flasher Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Former UC-Berkley assistant professor, UNABomber Chez Pazienza.

Bryan, Austin

VOTAR said...

"...and the capital of Nebraska is... LINCOLN!"

Anonymous said...

Chez..."Now you miss me, don't you ? You miss me!! Perhaps I was only in black and white, but I worked !! Exactly, I worked!! Bastards..." Pazienza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chez..Pimpin Indian woman..Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Oprah's next dancing with the star's partner...ChezPa

freddums said...

Mo Rocca.

winged unicorn said...

erudite political commentator and wordsmith chez pazienza

latest victim of alopoecia chez pazienza

chex party mix badboy, chez pazienza

'patience is NOT a virtue' chez pazienza

'tis a far far better thing he does' chez pazienza

congrats to you both. yo need advice on breastfeeding or natural childbirth (3 unmedicated, 8 years of breastfeeding) call me.

Nate said...

Master Dr. Faustus Chez Pazienza

-Yeah that's right, I just went old school on your asses. 16th century old school.

Master Mahan said...

The Unemployable Chez Pazieza

The Number Eight Spot on People's Sexiest Cancer Survivors List, Chez Pazieza

By the way, congratulations on the upcoming larva.

bryce said...

Deposed Pakistani chief justice Chez Pazienza

Fun-loving billionaire heiress Chez Pazienza

That's all I've got at the moment.

RusSCF said...

Late to the party, I have to give props to the guy that came up with "Professional Asshat". Would be awesome on a business card.

My own modest suggestion:
Suspiciously Androgynous Teletubby Chez Pazienza

And when you get that cushy government job:
Chez "Scooter" Pazienza

Manny said...

2 Chez 1 Cup Pazienza
2 Girls 1 Chez
Feel good movie of the year Chez Pazienza

Robo said...

Senior Vice President of Mockery Chez Pazienza

Deus Master Chez Pazienza

M's worst Nightmare Chez Pazienza

"I'm gonna kill the host of Indie Talk if he doesn't pronounce my fucking name right" Chez Pazienza

I'm not a rich boy but I play smug on my blog Chez Pazienza

I know what the FUCK Tyler Durden AND Jesus would do Chez Pazienza

Yes I had a mutherfucking tumor the size of a mutherfucking pinball in my motherfucking head Chez Pazienza

Why the christ do I need a job when I have Xbox Chez Pazienza

Now I can sit in Starbucks and turn my nose up at people like my blogger bretheren Chez Pazienza

I had a wet dream about a threesome with Phoebe Cates and Liz Phair last night Chez Pazienza

Best looking blogger in a gimp suit this side of the Mississippi Chez Pazienza

Props to Paul and guys made me spit all over my monitor.

LizG said...

Fired up ex-CNN Producer Chez Pazienza.

I wonder if this will lead to a new verb..."Gee, I wonder what happened to (insert name)? "Didn't you hear? He got chezzed, man..."

Anonymous said...

I drink your Chez Pazienza! I DRINK IT UP!!

Communista!Communista! Chez Pazienza.

Anonymous said...

eat, drink and be Chez.
I'm stuck on this ChezPa thnkg.
Your the writer, work with it.

Use to be an ass kisser, now kiss my exposed ass....Chez....
WE kno that's you.....

Anonymous said...

Chez.."Sovieso" Pazienza

Chez.."egal was..Pazienza

German translation.

Anonymous said...

Howza about "I'm Gettin' Fuckin' Full-o'-Myself" Chez.

Vermillion said...

Chez the Keymaster, Pazienza the Gatekeeper

When someone asks you if you're a Chez Pazienza, you say YES!!!

Psychokinetic Manifestation Chez Pazienza

Where in the World is Chez Pazienza? (Answer: in front of his Xbox)

Gladys Knight and the Chez Pazienza

Television Without Pazienza

Monty Python's Chez Pazienza

Indiana Jones and the Chez Pazienza

Unemployment Line Regular Chez Pazienza

Winner at life Chez Pazienza

Still trying to figure out how the hell he survived this long Chez Pazienza

Prince of the Universe Chez Pazienza

Bohemian Rhapsody Chez Pazienza

I am getting really sleepy and desperate for names Chez Pazienza

Last one for a while:

"Hello. My name is Chez Pazienza. You fired my ass. Prepare to die."

Anonymous said...

Chez...Non sto andando da nessuna...Pazienza.

tranlated to: I'm not going anywhere....

VOTAR said...

Latino Heeeeeeeat Chez Pazienza

Jennifer said...

that would be amusing, to see the phrase "chezzed" replace "dooced"

Prophet of Ra said...

Chez "go frak yourself" Pazienza

MataHari said...

Thanks, I seriously needed a pick me up today.

Master Blaster of CNN Disaster, Chez Pazienza!

Ferocious Mackadocious and All Out Pimp Daddy Chez Pazienza

Coulter's Dirty Little Secret, Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Retired Chess Master Chez Pazienza

Future CNN Pundit When I Make It On My Own Chez Pazienza

Adam said...

I Can't Believe It's Not Chez Pazienza

Soulja Boy Chez Pazienza

Chez for my Chez Gun Pazienza

American Dragon Chez Pazienza

Choice of a New Generation Chez Pazienza

Master Diver Chez Pazienza

Lawn Bowling Enthusiast Chez Pazienza

Noted Culinary Critic and National Moose Riding Champion Chez Pazienza

Chez Bigalo Male Gigalo...Pazienza

Russian Super Soldier Chez Pazienza

International Fencing Dynamo Chez Pazienza

Fresh from the Farm Chez Pazienza

New Wave Sensation Chez Pazienza

Certified Impregnator Chez Pazienza

Dendrophiliac Spokesman Chez Pazienza

I have to drop props on Jayne for Italian Restaurant "Chez Pazienza". I don't know why but that one really got me.

Seriously, this could go on for weeks. This is next-level fun.

Doug M.Cummings said...

I'll take #3 and an order of egg rolls to go.

Anonymous said...

Chez What?

Anonymous said...


fishing for sweets said...

sourgrapin' new media hippy chez pazienza

jen said...

great, now i have "rock the chezpa" singing in my head. :P

Anonymous said...

Rocker and Ex-Heather Locklear Boy Toy Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Ah!! but it's got your attention!!
Rock the ChezPa...

Anonymous said...

I take it you don't like the
"ChezPa" thing.

tony said...

I thought we were going with the simple and elegant:

Outlaw Journalist

Anonymous said...

so tell long are you going to have us give you ideas for your title??? AND...who's ever you chose, do they get bragging rights? Or, we just your next experiment?

kanye said...

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bit Chez Pazienza?

kanye said...

Buenos Nah Chez Pazienza From a Lonely Room

Anonymous said...

Chez "I'm too smart and talented to be working for CNN" Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Puppetmaster of the moron news reporters -Chez Pazienza

V said...

Vicodin-Loving, Blog-Rockin', I have 3 z's in my name Chez Pazienza!

mrmook said...

Newly appointed Drug Czar Chez Pazienza
(somebody gotta do it)

The "F**K YOU" Man Chez Pazienza

Tickle Me Chez Pazienza
(has that one already been used...hell...I need a drink)

Anonymous said...

The Best French-Italian Fusion Restaurant in the World Chez Pazienza

Nancy said...

Teela Tequila Lover Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

How about just plan "Chez"

It's done good for you so far...
Why mess with it.

Anonymous said...

And then Chez Pazienza buried his face in his hands and cried.

MarkDM said...

Failed Shoe Bomber Chez Pazienza

Fugitive Cosmetics Heir Chez Pazienza

Future Hall of Famer Chez Pazienza

This Week's Missing White Blonde Babe Chez Pazienza

That was fun, thanks.

Anonymous said...

the actual 'Cousin Oliver' Chez Pazienza

Matt Raz said...

Renegade Blogger Chez Pazienza
Rebel With A Blog Chez Pazienza
Trickily-named ne'er-do-well Chez Pazienza
Say Chez Pazienza
Ill-tempered Locksmith Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Mr. Page's son, and 2008 Larry Craig summer intern - Chez Pazienza

Anonymous said...

Chezbollah!! Lalalalalalalalalala!!