Sunday, February 10, 2008


My wife says I have a bad habit of arguing simply for the sake of arguing.

This may be true, but it doesn't change the fact that the big stink currently being made over an ill-advised comment by MSNBC's David Shuster is a little too much ado about relatively nothing. For those who haven't been paying attention, late last week, Shuster suggested that the Clinton campaign's willingness to use Chelsea Clinton to push her mother's agenda -- while maintaining that she's officially off-limits to the press -- amounted to pimping her out.

Shuster's been suspended, everybody and their mother is piling-on and feigning the usual level of bullshit outrage, and of course, the Clinton camp is using the whole miasma to its advantage.

Which is kind of what Shuster was suggesting in the first place.

My latest column for the Huffington Post is guaranteed to draw a lot of fire in my direction.

Don't believe me?

Read it, then go to the HuffPost's media page and see what everyone else's opinion is.

(The Huffington Post: "Pimp My Riot: In Defense of David Shuster"/2.10.08)

(The Huffington Post/Media)


dick_gozinia said...

My thought on his choice of phrasing was that it was wholly appropriate considering the circumstances.

Paul said...

Wow. As usual you have stirred America's kettle of lunacy, based on some of the comments on your piece. I think the fact that every other son/daughter or a presidential hopeful who has stumped for them has had to answer some questions speaks of the hypocrisy of this case.

Glenn said...

right on Chez. Shuster is one of the best reporters out there, very thorough and intelligent. as Imus would say, the Clintons are "horrible" people, and they would do anything, well, let's just leave it at that, they would do ANYTHING...

Sue said...

Now I'm disillusioned. You seem like a free-thinker and iconoclast, not one to defend your brethren for loyalty's sake. But, given your cynicism as a seasoned news guy, you must know how sick the culture is over at MSNBC, and how this remark was not said in isolation. Matthews, Shuster, Scarborough et. al. have been eviscerating Clinton for many months now, twisting everything she says into a conspiracy against democracy. A practice common to all campaigns -- adult children campaigning for their parents -- is denounced as selling out the "child," with an added whiff of "whoring" thrown in. It's part of a larger pattern at MSNBC of ridicule and putdowns and jokes aimed at the Clintons, now apparently extending to Chelsea.

Now that you've got a little free time on your hands, spend a day watching MSNBC, from "Morning Joe" to "Tucker," and you'll see what I mean.

It's sad and disappointing that an "insider" like yourself -- who just lost his job for unveiling journalists' secret world -- would not already know this, or be alarmed by it.

Chez said...

Sue --

Sorry to leave you so disillusioned, but I'm basing my comments only on what Shuster said -- not on the culture at MS. I agree that the place has boys-club issues and, as such, Shuster may even have just been jumping on the bandwagon, but it still doesn't justify the disproportional outrage to a pretty tame and stupid comment. Calling for someone to be fired (and boy do I know about this) and Clinton herself creating a lot of faux indignation to angle for votes isn't exatly the right kind of response to what he said.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather not have to go to HuffPo for anything, thank you.

That place is the left's version of Drudge.

Anonymous said...

I don't even like David Shuster very much, and I'm disgusted at the ridiculous overreaction by the Clinton campaign, and then MSNBC in response...and I love MSNBC. Chelsea Clinton is a grown up, not the 13 year old child she was when Hillary and Bill were so defensive about her.......get over it. Isn't it interesting that it's just in the last day or so that we have actually heard Chelsea's voice? Prior to this she has been the mute in the background! I'm glad that she's been unplugged.....she is a bright and capable advocate for her Mother.