Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No C_unt__ for Old Men

Apparently the Chinese place up the street spiked my General Tso's tofu with an eyedropper full of Felix the Cat acid this evening.

I can't think of anything else that would justify the unfettered lunacy I'm seeing on my television at the moment, specifically on MSNBC.

The typically respectable Keith Olbermann is leaning forward in his chair, shoulders hunched as if possessed by the ghost of Larry King (who has in fact been dead for the past three decades), relaying what he seems to believe is an Earth-shattering revelation about John McCain.

Namely, that the Arizona senator may have had a romantic relationship with a lobbyist.

Eight years ago.

The report comes courtesy of tomorrow's New York Times; not only is the allegation almost as old as McCain himself, it's meaningless nonsense either way -- which of course isn't stopping MS from doing wall-to-wall breaking news coverage on it. If the words "John McCain" and "sex" in the same sentence aren't already enough to make you choke back a tiny bubble of throw-up, Newsweek talking forehead Jonathan Alter alluding to the potential "drip, drip, drip" of such a scandal is sure to do the trick nicely. Factor in the obligatory two-cents from NBC's seemingly lifelike political director Chuck Todd -- a guy who leaves me constantly trying to figure out why the hell I should be listening to him -- and you've got that special brand of political-coverage-as-theater-of-the-absurd that MSNBC's become legendary for this campaign.

I keep telling myself it's only the drugs, but I know full-well that this bad trip won't end until November.


Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I think the issue is that he was married at the time, and that the rumoured sex wasn't with his latest wife (1980-present). I've heard that a lot of Republican supporters have a problem with extra-marital affairs.

gary said...

Is it so egregious that the Republican party, and in particular those who were members of the House or Senate at the time when President Clinton was vigorously pursued for an extra-marital affair, and impeached for lying about it under oath, should be held to the same standard they sought when the president was a Democrat? John McCain's opinion on the matter is public record.

Here's an important bit, but the whole statement is worth reading. It is thoughtful, and well reasoned.

Senator John McCain's Statement on the Impeachment of President Clinton
"No, an ordinary citizen would not be treated as the President has been treated. But ordinary citizens don't enforce the laws for the rest of us. Ordinary citizens don't have the world's mightiest armed forces at their command. Ordinary citizens do not usually have the opportunity to be figures of historical importance.

Presidents are not ordinary citizens. They are extraordinary, in that they are vested with so much more authority and power than the rest of us. We have a right; indeed, we have an obligation, to hold them strictly accountable to the rule of law."

Senator McCain voted to impeach President Clinton because he lied under oath. That lie, the Senator admits, was to cover up a personal affair. McCain seems entirely unsympathetic to the argument that it was a lie about a personal matter which should never have been the subject of legal inquiry.

That I agree with McCain on an important point, that lying under oath is a serious offense for any public official, may not be relevant to the argument but speaks to my objectivity. It should be noted that public officials in the Bush Administration cannot find themselves in this bind, because they refuse to testify under oath, almost certainly in violation of the spirit of their oath of office, and probably the letter as well.

If McCain had an affair, he will be yet another in a line of hypocrites who fell into a trip of their own making.

Should there be sympathy for John McCain, when his personal life comes under intense scrutiny, according to a standard for the office that he, himself help set?

Nathan said...

I only found your site today via another blogger posting about your firing.

All night tonight the news promos slipped in "DID MCCAIN HAVE AN INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIP???????"

Then, about 20 minutes in, they said, "don't know, maybe not".


Sheriff Bart said...

It's just a drug. You're perfectly safe and you're among friends.
Remember: Less like a rocket ship, more like a balloon.

VOTAR said...

Remember, Chez, it's 60% them, 40% you.

Pork rinds.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but NBC News and New York Times are trying to do a hatchet job on McCain because they desperately want a Democrat in office.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy... but I think we've all seen what happens when a Repbulican is in office. If no one else see's the desperation, I do and can't say I blame them.

Steve said...

He should be beaten to death with this allegation. Literally. If it was them with the dirt on some Democrat we'd hear it 24/7/365 unto the second coming. McCain should not only drop out of the race he should be forced out of the Senate and publically shamed humiliated and possibly burned at the stake.

Anonymous said...

I bookmarked your blog....took down CNN

Maxine Dangerous said...

Best. Title. EVER. :)

Also, CNN sucks sweaty monkey ass for firing you. I cast aspersions upon them: Ptoo! Ptoo!

Awesome blog. Have read you a few times but have been coming back as a 'serious' reader since TK (Uncooked Meat) posted about CNN's asshatery. Read your Phoebe Cates entry yesterday. Wow -- she is still unbelievably hot! I had no idea. Mmm ... red bikini ... :)

Thomas said...

I tend to agree with Steve, but I also see the even-handedness in what you're saying — it's all bullshit posturing and it flies in the face of "good journalism", the very thing you were fired for writing about...

More importantly, I'm looking forward to hearing a potential diatribe on Olbermann's #1 topic last night, and that was Bill-O's comment about lynching Michele Obama. Get out your ambulance chasing gear, people, Sharpton'll be leading a charge!

Ready. Set. GO!

cajun man said...


Maggie said...

I found your blog after reading about the firing incident, and I haven't stopped reading it since- archives and all. You are simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

"respectable Keith Olbermann"


You just haven't been listening to him because, as you can tell, he certainly doesn't respect truth.

And, Gary, you're an idiot and have spoken before you know the whole of the story: McCain isn't ever accused by the NYT story. They make all kinds of suggestions that he had an unethical, non-sexual, relationship with a lobbyist.

And, the Democrate investigator of the Keating Five recommended that the Democrate controlled Senate of the time dismiss investigating him further because McCain was a completely honest man. But those Democrates didn't want to ONLY be investigating Democrates - they had to have their token Republican, in this case, to harass.

You stupid blow hard.

BV said...

Do you really think the trip will ever end? Really?

I mean, come on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chez, at least your are no longer stuck at CNN.

Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing you didn't watch CNN last night? :P They were all over this story, which is ironic considering there is some talk that Jon Klein was having relations outside his marriage and then left his wife. Was it for a man? There is also some rumors that Klein is gay especially considering how all in love with Anderson Cooper he is.

But at least McCain was sleeping with a woman.

namron said...

My guess is that you just pissed on the shoes of that MSNBC job.

Personally, I think the NY Times story was seeded by the McCain campaign. Notice the juxtaposition of the picture of the alleged girlfriend from her "early thirties," and McCain's recent picture. If he can tap that stuff, then he isn't too old to be POTUS.

Anonymous said...

The reason this story is important is not because McCain may have had an affair, but because he may have used his position as a Senator to help the lobbying firm that his "friend" work for--something McCain has railed against nearly his entire career. If this turns out to be true that's hypocrisy of the highest order.

Jim said...

I'm fascinated by the reactions of Democrats on this issue. The impeachment of President Clinton was about using a very stupid mistake to political advantage against a very powerful political opponent. The fool lied under oath giving Republicans ammunition to attack him on legal grounds - I defy anyone to prove that the Dems wouldn't have done the same to Reagan. They would be stupid not to.
I don't believe Grandpa McCain lied under oath about doing anyone. In fact, if I were him, I be trying to play it off like I'd done it last week. It makes him seem like he isn't quite as dead as he looks.
Democrats should sit back and keep their stupid mouths shut, hoping that the Republicans do their dirty work for them. Because after the arguments made to justify Clinton's mistake they really have no legs on this one.
They just seem really butthurt and whiny given the fact that no law was broken here.

Some of weren't just saying we didn't give a shit about Clinton's indiscretion, some of us actually meant it.

vandinem said...

YES ... I was stuck watching TV while my non-skiing-challenged friends were outside and MSNBC WOULD NOT SHUT UP about this. This. A story about a rumor and even that, they missed the point on ... slavishly pondering the romantic angle (answer: who the fuck cares) and missing the only relevant political issue: did he do favors for a lobbyist. I was bizarrely RELIEVED when an angry mob set fire to the embassy in Belgrade, since it gave MSNBC something else to endlessly rehash.