Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Listening Post

Because Bob Mould rules in all kinds of ways:

Sugar -- Gee Angel.


Ron said...

I can remember my first times hearing Husker Du. My friend Matt popped Zen Arcade into the casette deck and I was assualted! Oddy enough, I found myself starting to like it. Go figure?

Anonymous said...

i dont know where to email you now..

wrekehavoc said...

the best part about life here in DC is that he. lives. HERE! one friend of mine actually fantasizes about bumping into him on the street.

(this would not be me, of course.)

(just lurking! politely.)

B said...

You have probably already got it, but if not then pick up his new record District Line. It is less Modulate and more Last Dog And Pony Show era Mould.


dick_gozinia said...

I remember loving this song when I first got the record. Then I saw the video on 120 minutes and honestly, it kinda ruined it for me. I really hate this video.

For my money, Husker Du's "Something I Learned Today" is it.