Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Beachy

Probably the most interesting description I've ever read of the arterial splash of über-pretentious gauche that is Palm Beach:

"Palm Beach is where LA Neely O'Haras and their Leons go to die. It's where glamor goes when it spoils like milk. Palm Beach was never fashionable or, god forbid, rich enough to retain all the yuppies and hipsters, so instead it did what it was best at. It burned that proverbial (and literal, if you look back on Florida's racially charged history) bridge to the ground and left the rubble for everyone to see. And, strangely enough, some found comfort in that mess. After willingly chasing all of the real glamor away, Palm Beach pretty much said fuck you, rest of the world, we're making our own goddamned rules, and became dreamily content with its sour grapes. Like a cat so very proud of catching a poisonous snake, Palm Beach decided it was best to broadcast this accomplishment to the rest of the world as though it were, in fact, a very good thing that it was full of unfashionably haughty old people."

-- from "Curbed" (the best blog you're likely to ever come across that's written by a 15-year-old)


Fifth Generation Leftist said...

Wow! Wow Chez, as a former English and Art teacher I wish I had had kids who could write this way! She's witty, ironic, and hyper-intelligent. Great find!

NCLB left me with no choice but to answer questions that were left unanswered during the day with the regular lessons. They would draw with me and I would answer everything from why Nirvana was so great, to why Abe Lincoln's parents were illiterate, to how the Crusades impacted the world today.

No wonder a girl this bright has bounced from school to school. I'm linking her to my blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

No. ...How?!

Mike said...

You know, I can deal with someone who's 15 years my elder being smarter and a better writer than I am. I can chalk it up to experience or something. But when someone 10 years my junior just blows me out of the water, it makes me feel retarded.

Thanks for that.