Friday, February 01, 2008

Auto Reply: Out of Office

First thing tomorrow morning, I hop a flight to South Florida for a much-needed vacation.

I plan to do nothing for a few days -- and enjoy every minute of it.

Hold my calls.


Anonymous said...

Better stay on the east coast, if you know what I mean.

And by that, I mean stay clear of Clearwater, haha.

trish said...

You can't go on vacation. I forbid it. What am I going to read while you're gone?

kanye said...

You're gonna be on vacation for Super Tuesday! Beautiful.

Al said...

That post is not from Chez. It's the Scientologists...they've taken him and are going to

namron said...

If the picture with this posting is really in Florida, then I have missed out big time for the last fifty years!

Anonymous said...

Are you visitin The Keys??
: )
Have lotsa fun, kids!

Manny said...

Have a good one, hermano. I beg of you, don't wear the thong this time. Well, maybe just once.

Paul said...

While in Miami I hope you will drive over the Julia Tuttle Causeway. If you do please do not honk your horn, their may be a sex offender sleeping under the bridge. Apparently dozens of sex offenders have been living under the Causeway for more than a year because they can't find affordable housing that complies with the strict local ordinances. They have sofas, tents, a home gym and a TV. How do they get electricity down there?
Thought you'd like to know what's beneath the surface of the roads on which you drive your rented 2-seater Cabriolet.