Friday, February 01, 2008

4.0 More Years

I'll make this quick because it's Friday and I'm technically on vacation.

Last night on Hannity & Colmes (I read about this; no I don't fucking watch Hannity & Colmes) everyone's favorite daffy bitch Ann Coulter said she'll campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain picks up the GOP nomination. Of course this is really just more of the anything-for-shock-value rhetoric we've come to expect from Annie; she's simple run out of the usual over-the-top nonsense to spew so she now has to resort, ironically, to her own version of Clintonian triangulation.

Still, it fully drives home an interesting phenomenon that's reared its head as of late: the fracturing of the far-right by way of the ascendency of John McCain.

Why do Limbaugh, Coulter and the rest of their ridiculous ilk loathe McCain so much?

He's a Republican. He supported the war in Iraq and still does. He's a bit of a maverick sure, but only in a relative sense; being a slightly "progressive" member of the party that gave us Tom DeLay and James Sensenbrenner doesn't exactly make you Bohemian.

So really, why all the venom?

The answer is simple.

It's because whether or not you agree with his policies or politics, McCain has shown time and time again that he can't be controlled by an outside force. He has his own opinions and the years of experience to back them up and he'll be damned if he's going to be anyone's puppet.

In other words, he's the furthest thing from George Bush.

Of course the nutjobs on the right and the party faithful want to see Mitt Romney in the White House; he's Bush 2.0. Romney is a witless automaton -- a blank slate and a blank mind who'll essentially say whatever you program him to. He's already proven that he's the political equivalent of Rick Moranis's character in Ghostbusters -- just waiting for his overlords to tell him what the hell to do before some other shiny object catches his attention. He's a himbo. A face with nothing behind it. The fucking Stepford Candidate. The perfect pawn.

He can't think for himself, which puts the far-right -- God help us, the neo-cons -- in the position to think for him.

The same way they've done the thinking for George Bush for the past eight years.

Bet on it.


Anonymous said...

A pawn with 200 million to waste on his overblown ego too.

It has unfortunately come down to: whoever will appoint the MOST liberal Supreme Court Justices will have my vote.

Die Scalia, Die!

rlr260 said...

Romney lost my respect and my vote when he changed his position on abortion. I personally don't care one way or the other about the issue, but take a position and stand by it. He's an opportunist who changed his views to please a certain segment of the Republican party. Say what you will about Guliani (I think he's an asshole) but he didn't change positions on abortion and gay marriage just to please the conservatives.

Thomas said...

The problem with McCain, however, is that he drank the Kool-aid or they flipped his Manchurian switch about a year or two ago. In 2004, and given no other choice (like a gun to my head), I would've voted for him without a lot of protest. Now, it's like I'm looking at a sock-puppet replacement any time I see him speak.

He's flipped some important stances, and taken a sometime-sycophantic, sometime-adversarial role toward Bush. How about showing some balls and really being different? Or really disagreeing with the Jackass in Charge, not just "kinda"?

And he's got that crazy, wily look in his eye that says,"Yes, I will knife fight you on the spot if you say the wrong thing." We can't have a cowboy president again.

Unsung Hero said...

Comparing Mitt Romney to Rick Moranis or any of the characters he has ever portrayed is downright dissrespectful to Mr. Moranis.

GM said...

yeah, a couple degrees from harvard. a couple hundred million dollars. what an idiot...jealous libby?

Mark said...

Wrong -- McCain probably can't be controlled - but that's not why Coulter and Limbaugh blast him.

Coulter and LImbaugh get their ya ya's, and their kitchen appliances, and their Toilet Tissue, because they know how to get attention.

Blasting McCain butters their toast, and pays for their cleaning ladies. Its a very profitable enterprise, and they are very good at it. Not the cleaning ladies - I mean Coulter and Limbaugh.