Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unfortunately, Most Guys Have Already Seen Her Finishing Move

I really thought an offer from Playboy would be as weird, stupid and shameful as it gets.

I was wrong.

(The Huffington Post: Alycia Lane Offered Job at WWE)

And now, for absolutely no good reason -- The Rock.


Vermillion said...

There is always reason for The Rock.


VOTAR said...

Jerry 'The King' Lawler: "What's she doing? She's rolling up her pants leg! Could it be? Could it? YES, it is! She's about to deliver the most electrifying move in sports entertainment history! THE PEOPLE'S PUSSY!"

Jim Ross: "But what's this??? Looks like she's changed her mind. Alycia 'Kop Killer' Lane has reached up under the ring skirt, what's that in her hand? Oh my god, oh my''s a... it's a steel dildo! A steel dildo! A steel dildo!

Jerry 'The King' Lawler: "The only way this could get worse for her opponent would be...wait....yes...oh my god Jim, she's setting it on fire! She's got a flaming steel dildo! A flaming steel dildo!!!!!! This could get uglier than Rakishi's giant ass....

Anonymous said...

Votar, you forget the only thing worse than a flaming steel dildo is a flaming steel dildo wrapped in barbed wire.

Jennifer Sulkin said...

Something about that job offer smacks to me of the same logic as having Gary Coleman endorse that payday advance company... eerily canny of them.

I suppose if life gives you lemonade, and you then proceed to dump it all over your head, why not try and enter a wet tshirt contest?

Unsung Hero said...

I smell something, just not quite sure what it is.