Monday, January 28, 2008

Nun of Your Business

As always, I love it when I don't even have to try.

Case in point, this little Monday morning gem from the Associated Press:

"The Benedictine nuns of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Phoenix are renting out rooms during Super Bowl week for $250 a night, plus $50 extra for each additional person.

"It's a different twist for us in the sense that we've never opened the monastery for an event like the Super Bowl," said Sister Linda of the Benedictine Sisters of Phoenix. "It's just a different clientele than we're accustomed to."

Though the sisters won't impose a curfew, lodgers at the monastery will have to abide by a few rules: no smoking, no rowdy behavior and most importantly, no alcohol.

"I would think that God's got to be excited about the Super Bowl as well," Sister Linda said. "He wants people to enjoy life."

That, incidentally, is the same rationale I use to justify my affinity for barely-legal Asian porn.


winged unicorn said...

can i hear an AMEN, sistuhs?

and for you, chez, domo arigato.

Unsung Hero said...

Or how about my love of "illeagal" narcotics?

God just wants me to enjoy life so where's the harm.