Friday, January 18, 2008

Listening Post

I'm a big fan of Filter, and this dark twist on Three Dog Night's throwaway 60s hit One is part of the reason why.

By the way, a message to Clear Channel's inescapable phalanx of generic "rock" radio stations: Do the country a favor and play anything from these guys besides Hey Man Nice Shot.

Don't you ever get tired of hearing the same goddamned song?

They've released three albums.

That's a lot to choose from.

To borrow a line from Dean Wormer -- corporate, boring and lazy is no way to go through life.


MaxFox said...

I played "Welcome to the Fold" during a specialty hour the other day. Also play "Take a Picture" on a regular basis. Hope to work in "Trip Like I Do" but I'm just a monkey-boy.

-Love Filter
-don't work for CC
-Still work for a "part of the problem" conglomerate that plays that shitty Godsmack Zepplin cover too much.
-Still haven't paid for a concert ticket or CD in 8 years so I guess I shouldn't bitch.

sparksinner said...

damn straight.

Classic Rock stations call this idea "deep cuts." Of course they don't do it very often and rarely go very deep.

With so much Led Zeppelin to choose from I think I can count their Zep list on one hand. And I'm sure there are tons of smaller rock bands that are just as good, but all I ever hear is fucking Journey and Foreigner (2-3 songs each, naturally).

Good to have you back Chez, but goddamn it you remind of stuff that pisses me off.

Richard said...

You mean Filter sang more than one song......?