Friday, January 25, 2008

Listening Post: Under the Radar Edition

Two bands that came and went far too quickly and quietly.


Ken Andrews is apparently rock's most ADD-afflicted eccentric. After the demise of Failure -- a band that was his brainchild -- he went on to form Year of the Rabbit, who released one of the best albums of 2004 then once again vanished. All the while he was producing records for Pete Yorn, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and A Perfect Circle. (He incidentally also used to play in an all-cover band which featured members of Tool.) Last year, he released a solo album, the excellent Secrets of the Lost Satellite, and even recorded a track for the Surf's Up soundtrack. This song though is the closest he's come so far to having his own mainstream hit.

This is Stuck on You.

Gay Dad

Yes my friends, the best band name ever. Regardless of that though, Gay Dad should've been massive. Their debut album made a decent-sized impact in Britain, but barely caused a ripple here in the states. Their second album was even better than the first; Transmission is now available on iTunes, finally, and I can't recommend checking it out enough (particularly the gorgeous and criminally overlooked All My Life, a song I once dedicated to my wife).

From their debut, here's Oh Jim.


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to Gay Dad. Because mine was. :)

dick_gozinia said...

Good show...our musical universes again run parallel.

I've got Failure's Stuck On You right smack in the middle of my playlist. I always loved that song.

Here's another mind-boggler for you...
Dig - Beleive

Mark said...

The sounds of Failure Were delectable indeed! I also miss Maids of gravity, swerve driver, and love battery.

Nick said...

good call on Failure. "Fantastic Planet" and "Magnified" are essential listening.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I cannot get Stuck on You out of my head. What a fabulous song. I love your listening posts. -Amie