Friday, January 18, 2008

Kids Incorporated

So apparently it's a big deal that the iTunes store is finally carrying the Jonas Brothers or something (as if nailing down a licensing agreement for these guys was such a herculean task, being that they're a wholly owned product of the fucking Walt Disney Company).

Anyway, the name of their latest album is Brothers, Musicians and More.

Well -- that's, uh -- descriptive, I guess.

A good rule of thumb: Never buy an album whose title sounds like a Gene Shalit blurb.

Incidentally, am I the only one who wonders what the "more" in the title refers to? Maybe the Stepford Mormons in Hansen won't go down as history's most inadvertently creepy little boy band after all.

(No, seriously, how much do you just wanna beat the hell out of these little shits and take their lunch money?)


Harris said...

Obviously, "more" means they're enjoying incestous buttfucking.

winged unicorn said...

i want to flush their heads. many times.

Sarah said...

The Hanson brothers aren't Mormon.