Friday, January 25, 2008

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I do my best to stay away from furthering too much conjecture around here, but sometimes a rumor is just far too good not to pass along.

The FBI has arrested a 16-year-old boy for allegedly plotting to hijack a Southwest Airlines jet. Agents say despite the fact that the kid was traveling alone and that he was caught carrying handcuffs, rope and duct tape, his chances of success were pretty slim.

Not a bad story so far, right?

And now, the punchline.

Early reports said that the kid had planned to divert the jet -- which was bound from L.A. to Nashville -- to Lafayette, Louisiana, where he was going to crash it into a Hannah Montana concert.

In a related item, I'll be out for a couple of days. I need to A) talk to Doc Brown about how my teenage self managed to turn up in the year 2008, and/or B) start a legal defense fund for this kid, because as it turns out, al Qaeda was right -- there really is a difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter.

(Houston Chronicle: Alleged Would-Be Hijacker Targets Hannah Montana Show)


tamara said...

OMG...if there could've been just ONE TIME a hi-jacking worked out in the favour of the one plotting it...

I'd like to make the first donation to this kid's defense fund, if I may....

Anonymous said...

It truly amazes me when adults get worked up into a hate-filled twist over children's entertainers. Why on earth would any grown person have such strong feelings about 15-year-old Hannah Montana? She is not even remotely targeted to anyone over the age of like 12.

Unless you're a little kid or just happen to watch a lot of Disney channel, it really has nothing at all to do with you--so why do you care?

In the unlikely event that your hero's brilliant plot had succeeded, at least a couple thousand elementary school girls and their grandmothers would have likely gone down in a fiery blaze right along with Hannah.

Well that's just hilarious.

Chez said...

Flaming grandmas? Actually that is hilarious.

Look "Anonymous," thanks for stopping by, but I think it's safe to say you should really be reading something else.

Might I suggest this.

namron said...

Chez,I clicked your "this" link in the response to anonymous. You truly are fucking sick, and I hope you are never cured.

winged unicorn said...

clicked on the link....i like to think of the family circus kids, all grown up and living in the wilderness...a la warren jeffs

MrCopilot said...


4 Words.

Sins of the Father!