Friday, December 07, 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas


VOTAR said...

I can probably help you arrange that.

Might I also recommend the critically acclaimed "Bang Bus" series (not to mention the handjob-intensive catalogue of the Bang Brothers' other seminal work, "Cumfiesta"), as well as the thespian tour de force which is the cherubic Brandi Belle, all of which are homegrown Miami local productions.

Good times, good times.

little girl with a big attitude said...

I see you have revised your bio. I am very glad. Have a great X-mas, both of you!!!

sparksinner said...

my favorite online cards. and prolific.

do they have one for creampie?

britta is an asshole said... is a million times better than someecards. please look at it and see for yourself. i am a bit biased of course since it's my fiance's website, but i truly believe that it's a lot funnier.

sorry for the shameless self promotion here, but i couldn't help myself. please forgive me, chez.

foolery said...

When the second finest just won't do.