Monday, December 17, 2007

Why, It's a Christmas Miracle!

Anybody seen Olbermann today?

( Small Explosion Reported at Fox News Building in New York/12.17.07)


Anonymous said...

O'Reilly's hot air exploded.

Vermillion said...

Somebody screwed up at the monthly Ceremony of Bal'kuthchak, the Ruiner of Universes, the Crusher of Children's Hopes, the Darkness of the Olden Times.

They have to remember goat blood goes in the left cauldron, human blood in the right. And completely pronounce the "rrcth" sound in the Unholy Incantation, fellas. None of that Ash-mumble-mouth stuff.


Anonymous said...

Damn! Thought you were going to say Oprah exploded.

Anonymous said...

well, someone must have really fucked up, because if it was a "bombing," or had even an inkling of an antagonistic motive, FOX would have raised the flag for a fucking battle charge.