Monday, December 03, 2007

Make My Holiday

You've gotta love San Francisco.

Over the weekend, the city that managed to give you both legal gay marriage and Dirty Harry held its second annual "Gifts for Guns" drive, which offered a gift card of up to $200 in exchange for each gun turned in.

The problem of course: since the gift cards can be applied to almost anything, some turning in their old weapons were heard joking that they plan to use their cards to rush right out and buy -- wait for it -- new guns.

Honestly, why bother with the exchange in the first place?

Technically, isn't a gun already the ultimate gift card?


Calitri said...

Only if it's loaded.

Anonymous said...

you gotta love ANY ultra-liberal's the only way to live!

foolery said...

San Francisco -- so enlightened that it's ILLEGAL to be close-minded.

Think I'll go suck my thumb a while.

-- Swami Dearest

Blade said...

calitri: As long as the people on the opposite end of it -think- its loaded, then that applies.

chez: seems to me, that they are probably turning in old junk, getting $200 to go out and buy shiny newer stuff.