Monday, December 17, 2007

Listening Post

The perfect song for going back to work on a Monday morning -- particularly when it's 14 freakin' degrees outside.

Kaiser Chiefs -- Oh My God


dick_gozinia said...

I'm probably wrong about this, but I think the Mark Ronson/Lily Allen version of this song blows the original away.

Chez said...

Can't agree with you there. I don't hate Lily Allen (or Mark Ronson for that matter) but this version is a hell of a lot better than the thin, bubblegum they turned it into.

Davy said...

As much as I love The Kaiser Chiefs, and I really do, I was underwhelmed (if that's a word) by OMG. Their subsequent singles made me drive faster or singalong very loud.

I'm sorry to expose myself as a knowitall again in yr comments section, Chez. I can't help it, my apartment heating just got fixed and I need to spread some warmth.