Friday, December 07, 2007

Listening Post

Two songs from the brilliant mind of Matt Johnson -- one his own, one a malevolent and sardonic take on a classic.

This is The The.

"Don't tell me what your name is.
I want your body, not your mind.
I want a feeling worth paying for before I say goodbye
But as I was talking, I couldn't look her in the eyes.
I just kept wondering how many men unleashed their frustration between her thighs?

Come my love, with your desire.
Out of the blue, and into the fire."

-- The The, Out of the Blue (Into the Fire)

"I wandered so aimless -- life filled with sin.
I wouldn't let my dear savior in.
Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night.
Praise the Lord -- I saw the light."

-- Hank Williams, I Saw the Light


tony said...

The The is The Shit.

Mind Bomb has to be one of the best total albums ever.

mercer said...

The The for me will always be their hit from the 80s - 'Infected' : .

Two great choices here though!

Chez said...

The The is just pure, wretched, emotional genius.

Their stuff is so damn full of tragically desperate imagery. You're right about Mind Bomb. Kingdom of Rain in particular is the ultimate break-up song. Love as utter nihilism. Best thing Sinead O'Connor ever did was dueting with Matt Johnson on that.

Al said...

I've been playing the SHIT out of Infected and Mind Bomb lately...Chez, I've said it before - get out of my HEAD.