Monday, December 10, 2007

Listening Post

Say what you will, Marilyn Manson is probably the smartest guy in rock n' roll.

When he and his "Spooky Kids" were first starting out in South Florida, I dismissed them as little more than a gimmick. It wasn't until I read some of the twisted and brilliant stuff that Manson (née, Brian Warner) was writing in the band's newsletter that I started to pay attention.

And once I saw them all but destroy a packed Ft. Lauderdale club for their final local show before setting off to record Portrait of an American Family -- all bets were off.

Despite being one of the few people who thinks that 1998's Mechanical Animals is a sorely underrated album from start to finish, I never doubt that this song is easily Manson's best single since The Beautiful People.

Besides, Da-Daism just works for him.

Happy Monday kids -- it's mOBSCENE.


Juju said...

I saw him in concert maybe a couple years ago and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I was a little disturbed by the 8 year old kids in the audience but, say what you want about his music, it was great.

Anonymous said...

i forgot you were at that show with us.....they did a great cover of "helter skelter" that night.

i still dig all of his stuff, and yeah, i agree, mechanical animals is their strongest record to date....all of the songs on that record are really tight.


sheryle said...


foolery said...

Wasn't he just in that Westboro video? I think he had a solo.

Bunche said...

I'll admit he certainly has a brain, but I can never forgive himfor crafting a career out of bald-facedly ripping off Alice Cooper circa 1973-1978. Plus I can't stand his music and I like creepy weird shit.