Friday, December 28, 2007

Listening Post: Bonus Friday Edition

Yes, I'm basically filling up space since this is a holiday week. But since I'm consistently shocked at the kind of reaction I get to these dumb little musical interludes, I'll try not to feel too bad about playing VJ.

Alien Ant Farm has always deserved to be known for more than just their admittedly enthusiastic cover of Michael Jackon's Smooth Criminal. They write really catchy songs and play them with a good amount of muscle while still managing to never take themselves too seriously.

Here now, two songs from Alien Ant Farm. First up, a really clever take on U2's classic video for Where the Streets have No Name. AAF set up on a building across the street from the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles the day that it was hosting the 2003 BET awards and shot this video live as a veritable who's-who of the hip-hop world showed up to walk the red carpet.

This is These Days.

And, from their debut album ANThology, this is Movies.

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Manny said...

I've alway sliked AAF. I knew great minds thought alike. What are your thoughts on Ambient Polka?