Thursday, December 06, 2007

He's Got Them Right Where He Wants Them

Tell me this isn't the best mug shot photo ever.

Keifer Sutherland was booked into the Glendale, California lockup yesterday immediately after being sentenced to 48 days for racking up his second drunk driving arrest in three years.

The look on his face says it all.

"I'm Jack Fucking Bauer, and I'll be out of here in 10 minutes -- right after I kill you with your own shoelaces."


winged unicorn said...

it may be cruel but....a BIG part of me wishes it would happen to my now ex-BF. he got a DUI about a week after we met. i got to deal with the investigation, the plea bargain, the business purposes only license, the 100% SUSPENDED license (and he lives 78 miles away!) for months. i had 11 months of dealing with this issue in addition to everything else a new couple deals with. of course once everything is FINE, he can take up with someone else. i would love to see him in an orange jumpsuit and getting to be REAL close friends with duante and lewellyn and jesus...
and the worst of it? i miss his sorry ass. i worry him. i gonna call jack. jack'll straighten him out. or else.

girl with curious hair said...

Isn't it strange that nothing could stop Jack Bauer--except a DUI? I wonder what all the people who defend his techniques have to say now.

(And no, I haven't watched a single episode of 24, even when Aghashloo was on).

Anonymous said...

he looks pretty good for being a fucking mess

Vermillion said...

There are going to be a lot of convicts with missing tracheas, aren't there?

Anonymous said...

"I'm Jack Fucking Bauer." ~ Keifer Sutherland

"I'm Fucking Jack Bauer." ~ Keifer Southerland's celly


aauais said...

Fuck Jack Bauer gets 48 days and Paris and the Lohan whore do like 2minutes. What is this country coming to?

Well with the delay that the writer's strike caused I guess he'll be out to kill some fuckking terrorists by New Year's Day without missing a beat.

If I was president I would pardon him. President Palmer aka Serrano from Major League would certainly pardon him if he weren't dead.