Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hall of Lame

It was announced today that Madonna will top the next list of inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

She'll be joined by John Mellencamp, The Ventures, The Dave Clark Five and Leonard Cohen.

Jesus, the Hall of Fame was kind of a joke to begin with, but did we really run out of quality candidates so quickly that we've got no choice but to go with these dregs?

An insufferable, preening bitch who was never long on talent to begin with and who now follows nonsensical Jewish mysticism, looks like Disco Granny from the old Studio 54 and proves that Africa needs its own Amber Alert system -- plus Farm Aid, the guys who brought you the Hawaii-5-0 theme, The Beatles Lite, and Leonard Cohen (who's admittedly great, but, really, Leonard Cohen)?

In the words of the great Peggy Lee: Is That All There Is?


Robo said...


Now I would have to say that you and I have very differing tastes in music but this is where I draw the line. Leonard Cohen is amazing. That's it. No discussion. Bang the Gavel.

I mean I could see where you're coming from as I'm not too sure how many people know of him, but as a songwriter he is one of the best that has touched a pen. This is coming from a Hip Hop guy too.

The RnR HoF is gay but it is honored and privledged to have Leonard within it's walls.

micheal said...

hey hey now, THIS is OUR country!
enough said

tamara said...

Delurking to agree -- WHOLEHEARTEDLY -- with Robo. Oh, and as I'm Canadian, my 2¢ is now worth at least as much as yours. Could also be why I have the soft spot in muh withered heart for The Cohen. That's all.

Chez said...

Once again -- Leonard Cohen -- brilliant songwriter.

He just seems a very left-field choice, which isn't necessarily a bad thing -- just strange.

Trish said...

Oh, come on, compared to the other TV show themes at the time "Hawaii Five-0" kicked ass.

But Madonna ... not unexpected, but disappointing.

PaddyDog said...

Hey, say what you want about the others (and OMG does that picture of Madonna look creepy, we get it, you're over 40 and you still have good legs, me too but I wear pants in public), but leave the wonderful Mr. Cohen alone. The shame is that he wasn't inducted years ago.

Chez said...

Jesus Christ.

It's daylight, shouldn't all you Leonard Cohen fans be hiding under a rock or something?

I kid. Like I said, I like Cohen a lot -- I can just think of a dozen other bands/artists that I'd induct to something called the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" before him.

Bunche said...

This photo of Madonna looks like a drag queen in a Black Canary getup.

foolery said...

Speaking of Peggy Lee, she should be up for induction any time now.