Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Last Stop on the Night Train

One of my fondest childhood memories involves riding around in the car with my father on Sunday mornings, listening to Weekend Jazz on WLRN in Miami.

It was my Dad who instilled in me a love for jazz, and among his favorites was one of the most virtuoso pianists to ever lay hands on a keyboard -- Oscar Peterson.

On Sunday night, Oscar Peterson died of kidney failure at his home just outside Toronto.

He was 82.

Thank you Oscar for a lifetime of musical brilliance, and thank you Dad for making sure that I heard it.

Oscar Peterson and the legendary Count Basie -- Slow Blues


Harris said...

Hey, good music from Chez. It must really be Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for recognizing Oscar. Unfortunately, I don't think we here in Canada have done enough to recognize the true genius that we had in him.

Never a shortage of Avril Lavigne stories, though.

-Rob in Calgary