Thursday, December 13, 2007

And Now, a Moment of Violence for Ike Turner

"I only punched her with my fist once. I have slapped her, and the times where I slapped her were when she was looking sad."

-- Ike Turner, 1993

"Ike acted like a goddamned pimp."

-- Keith Richards, 1993

Ike Turner -- 1931-2007


Anonymous said...

Looks like death was the one thing Ike couldn't beat. ;)

Chez said...

Best line of the day.

Bless you.

aauais said...

Ike was the king of the women beaters until OJ took his crown

SR said...

I heard a great headline today:

"Ike Beats Tina to Death"


Vermillion said...

Wow. So was the slap supposed to cheer her up somehow? How did that logic work?

The only thing that ever comes to mind when I hear his name (besides the obvious Proud Mary and other songs) is the time he was on MadTV. It was a skit where he was so upset about his portrayal in "What's Love Got To Do With It?" that he was trying to make a movie that cast him in a better light. Only thing is, the entire cast was afraid he was going to beat them. So they would say something smartassed, and he would say "What?", causing to cower in fear.

God that was funny.

winged unicorn said...

and he is typical....